Many times the audio files have uneven or low-quality sound. In such situations sound booster applications are used to increase the quality and volume of the audio file.

There are many types of sound booster apps available for download. Some of the best apps were chosen from hundreds of such apps are listed below. Top 5 Sound Booster Software Download

1. Volume Booster by Wait What

volume booster by wait what

Free Download

Volume Booster is a native app which increases the overall sound by 15-30% depending on the user’s device. Rather than the rest of the boosters, Volume Booster adjusts Android equalizer via sophisticated algorithm in order to increase the sound.

Key Features

  • Adjusts volume level of the system.
  • Adjusts volume level of media.
  • Adjusts volume level of notifications.

2. Ultimate Volume Booster by Porrasoft

ultimate volume booster by porrasoft

Free Download

This is one of the simplest and light weighted sound booster application. It boosts the volume of any smartphone with just a single tap. This application has the ability to boost audio quality and volume by 30 to 40 %.

Key Features

  • Increases volume for notification sound, ringtone, alarm, and multimedia sound.
  • Ultimate volume booster controls and boosts the audio quality of the phone.
  • This application also works with a headset, headphone, and speakers.

3. Volume Booster Pro by SeattleApps

volume booster pro by seattleapps

Free Download

Volume Booster Pro is a totally new and professional volume control app and sound booster. The user can easily boost all of their phone sounds to its maximum value. The user will never feel trouble to load alarm clock, loud ringtones or louder music volume. Has three mode settings of boost: max, normal and silent.

Key features

  • Easy volume control. One tap to boost the volume to maximum.
  • Supports three mode: Max Mode, Normal Mode and Silent Mode.
  • Shows “ON” notification.

4. Equalizer Sound Booster by Digital Apps Developers

equalizer sound booster by digital apps developers

Free Download

Equalizer Sound Booster provides with the clearest and high volume booster sound to the music and stereo player. Equalizer sound booster is there with a bass booster and a subwoofer and 5 band presets equalizer with LED UV meter for virtual graphics or effects.

Key Features

  • Bass Booster and stereo LED UV meter.
  • 5 band music equalizer and adjustable presets.
  • Visualizer effect and is compatible with all music players.

5. Bass Booster by SeattleApps

bass booster by seattleapps

Free Download

Bass Booster is a music app which professionally optimizes the phone’s bass sound effect and improves its audio quality to the best. With this application, boosting the bass of any device becomes easier.

Key Features

  • Simple to use.
  • Easy and nice interface.
  • Use on external speaker or headphones for stunning effects.

6. Volume Booster Pro by Smart Homes Development

volume booster pro by smart homes development

Free Download

This is an app which boosts the phone sounds volume to maximum via only one key. All of the volume control can be easily set with this volume booster. This application can not only louder music volume and system volume such as phone call sound and SMS messages notification sound but also can loud the speaker and headphones sounds.

Key Features

  • One tap boost to all types of sound on the smartphone.
  • Makes the sound like HiFi system.
  • Increases all the volumes at 30 %.

These are some of the best sound booster software available for download. These applications are used by many people and DJ’s from around the world.

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