Steganography software are of no short in the diverse tech industry. Over the years, I have been asked that how many steganography software are worth to give a try to. The following list of best steganography products/software is amazing.

Some of the programs listed below might have strong encryption components, and the export of them has long been restricted.9 Best Steganography SoftwareHere are discussed some of the best steganography software. These steganography software allow us to hide data (textual or files of various formats) in image files. Not only this but also these tools are able to hide files like DOCX, XLSX, ZIP, RAR etc.

1. QuickStego


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QuickStego is a free steganography software. This allows the users to hide texts easily in the form of pictures. The best input supportive formats are BMP, JPG, JPEG, and GIF. It is also good enough to save output images in multiple formats. The software’s interface is user friendly.

2. Xiao Steganography

xiao steganography

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Xiao Steganography is one of the simplest yet effective steganography software out there. This is good for BMP images or in WAV files with encryption support. With this, it is easy to target BMP or WAV file to its interface, followed by clicking secret file. Not only this but also it supports encryption algorithms like RC4, Triple DES, DES, Triple DES 112, RC2 and hashing SHA, MD4, MD2, MD5, algorithms.

3. OpenStego


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OpenStego is a lightweight and amazing software. The types of files it supports are BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and WBMP. The interesting thing is that this software helps you set the passwords so that your system remains protected. With it, you can perform tasks like running BAT file or JAR file from the installed directory.

4. Camouflag

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Camouflage allows in hiding data in multiple files. The result is always great and is formerly known as camouflaged. This software can be used when you click the file and then try to hide it as per your desire. Moreover, the file can be extracted whenever you want to.

5. SilentEye


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SilentEye is an effective cross platform tool that helps you in hiding sensitive messages. This is supportive for formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and WAV. The messages can be adjusted with passwords too.

6. OpenPuff


Free Download

OpenPuff hides the secret messages and data in the images. The file’s size varies from one another. You just need to click “Hide Data!” button for saving the output files at the locations you love the most.

7. Steghide


Free Download

Steghide is yet one more steganography software you can feel proud of. has been one of the finest steganography programs of the era. This can keep your sensitive information safe. It is also good in a way that it can give you chance to format the images in multiple forms with same or different frequencies. The best formats include JPG, BMP, WAV and AU.

8. Shusssh!


Free Download

Shusssh! is one of the best steganography software you must give a try to. You can click “Encrypt Text” and load an image via “Load Image” button. Then comes the turn of typing the message in “Insert Message:” and then click the Proceed button for saving the images.

9. Image Steganography

image steganography

Free Download

Image Steganography is a free steganography tool to hide sensitive text or files inside image files. You can hide text or files of various types easily inside image files. This is having the ability of container image file. It can be used to drag and drop multiple images. With it, you can even decode the encoded files and for this just click Decode button.
All of these steganography tools are highly amazing to give you the performance you can feel proud of.

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