Animation is a breakthrough in the information sharing industry. Pivot animation is also famous by the name stick figure animation in colloquial language. The stick animation is a representation of animation using basic structures like sticks and round figures. The concept is taken from the stick figures, which are drawn by kids in textbooks. Hence, stick figure animation is very easy. Being a very easy and basic animation technique, there are many tools available in the software market. The article deals with the best freeware for stick animation.

1. Stykz


Stykz is one of the most used tools for stick figure animations.

  • The software has the finest user interface.
  • Allows sticks figures of various colors and sizes.
  • The user can change the movement of the stick figures according to the frames.
  • The user can export animated stick figures in various picture formats.

2. Pivot


Pivot is a small size software but has all the important features of a good stick figure animation software.

  • The size of the software is 75 KB.
  • Animation can be exported in various video modes and image modes.
  • User can change colors, attributes and figure shapes of stick animation.
  • The user can even deal with 3-D aspects of the stick figures.

3. Sickman Animation

stickman animation

Stickman is web-based tool for stickman animation and has a rich user interface.

  • There are various creating tools options like dot, stick, circle etc.
  • The user can work in various frames.
  • Very user friendly interface with interactive.
  • It is a very light weight software with size less than 600 KB.

4. StickPy


StickPy is a very professional tool for stick figure animation.

  • It is a very powerful with rich in features.
  • The program in written in Python and hence is secured and strong.
  • The interface has many professional features so non-professional user might get confused.
  • The animation methods are different from other tools for the pro use.

A unique application for creating custom made animatons.

  • User can create custom made animations and combine multiple animations together.
  • Good for beginners as it has a user friendly interface for easy learning.
  • User can import images in the stick figure animation.
  • The user can even deal with 3-D aspects of the stick figures.

5. blender


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