Just like you use alarms or reminders in your mobile devices, while working on desktop, sometime you might be feeling the need of such a reminder for convenience. Sticky Notes is one such software tool for your system that acts as a desktop reminder for you. You can easily use it to put notes by having a notepad editing like experience. Let’s have a look on best sticky notes software that you can utilize for your system.

1. Stickies


It is a PC sticky note utility that looks just like a sticky piece of paper. It will remain stick to one place until you close your system. Some of the feature carried by this sticky note software are:

  • Easy text formatting
  • Color changing capability
  • Image addition options
  • Resizable window
  • Convenient tool bar

2. StickyPad


This is another free easy to use tool that helps you put sticky notes on your desktop to remind yourself about urgent meetings, appointments, birthdays or anything you want. Exciting features of StickyPad include:

  • Shortcut keys
  • Multiple languages
  • Unique visual effects
  • Transparent and shadow appearances

3. Hott Notes

hott notes

Hott Notes is one of the popular sticky notes software liked by most of the sticky note users as these support easy notes creation in three different ways that are simple sticky notes, scribble note and checklist note.

Its major features include:

  • 3 options to create notes
  • Option to set alarm
  • Easy note deletion and restore

4. StickySorter


It’s a free sticky note software that lets you create sticky notes conveniently on your PC and note down important tasks. You can separate your list in multiple groups and can also assign different colors to different groups. Here are its major features.

  • Easy import & export of data
  • Data field search option
  • Drag & drop notes

5. iQ-Notes

iq notes

This is another free sticky note software that you can utilize to create important notes while working on your PC. Multiple features offered by iQ-Notes are:

  • Capability to set alarms
  • Capability password protection to notes
  • Create as many notes as you can
  • Note synchronization possible

6. Sticker


Try this sticky note for your PC to meet your need of creating easy and quick sticky notes. You can post sticky notes wherever you want on your desktop. Its major features include.

  • Bold, italics, underline & more formatting
  • Converts types URLs into hyperlinks
  • Automatically save your notes

7. Simple Sticky Notes

simple sticky notes

Simple Sticky Notes is another free sticky notes software that helps you in creating quick notes on your PC. This is one of the top choices among sticky notes users. Here are its major features:

  • Rich Text support
  • Hide or unhide feature available
  • Easy to use & fast note software

8. TK8 StickyNotes

tk8 sticky notes

Download this sticky notes software tool and enjoy the best note taking experience for free with its best ever used interface. You can use any of its freeware or shareware versions. Here are its major features:

  • Pin your notes to above all the windows
  • Password protection in pro version
  • Email integration
  • Reminders

9. iGorv – Sticky Notes

igorv sticky notes

This is free sticky notes software available online with its simple and clean interface. Here are its major features that you can utilize.

  • Include fonts, colors and transparency
  • Capability to add hyperlinks
  • Easy to use interface

How you can Best Utilize Sticky Notes

Give Custom Formatting to Your Sticky Notes Sticky notes can be customized easily as per your interest. This utility comes with a resizable window and a control bar. You can conveniently change color and basic formatting of the text. Sticky notes can be easily hidden, rolled up, pinned on the top and made transparent according to individual’s requirement. Its note manager lets you search and organize your notes.

Utilize Advanced Useful Features

Some of the advanced and highly useful features of sticky notes include recurring reminders, multiple monitor support, alarms, network sharing, user defined styles and capability to email your note. Sticky notes also enable you to create your own skin. If you are not interested in creating one then you can easily download readymade one. An appropriate skin will provide you control bars to make your sticky note look more attractive along with speedy.

Use Desired Image in Your Memo

Some of the sticky notes also allow you to draw, doodle or add image to your memo. However it is not possible to draw, doodle or add image in a text memo. So you first need to set you text memo to image. By doing this you can add image or your drawing to your memo and then can add text.

So throw away your cluttering paper sticky pads and download sticky notes and organize your important notes much more efficiently.

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