When running you own business single handedly, managing your entire inventory can be a nightmare. In the event of any miscalculation, your business could suffer severe and unbearable losses.

In order to prevent such mishaps, we have compiled a list of the top inventory management software programs that will assist you to keep a complete track of all your stock without any worries!

1. Fakturama

fakturama 1

This free and easy to use software is ideal for inventory control

  • Excellent and simple user interface with tabs.
  • Maintains inventory of your products.
  • Allows you to make order and invoice sheets.
  • Keeps track of contacts, customers and receipts.

2. Lecprog Stock Management

lecprog stock management

LSM is another smartly designed software program for stock management.

  • User friendly and simple interface.
  • Allows you to keep track of tech products, perishables and supplies.
  • Light weight software.
  • Extremely beneficial and a worthwhile software

3. Inflow Inventory

inflow inventory free edition

Ideal for the use of trade related inventory, this free software is perfect for small-scale traders.

  • Purchase and sales records.
  • Stock details.
  • Option to input product details.
  • Report generation.
  • Used popularly for E commerce, retailers and wholesalers.
  • User friendly interface

4. 2Bizbox ERP

2bizbox erp

Ideally suited for medium and small-scale owners and traders, this free 4.5 star-rated software is a must have program for your stock management.

  • Track stock and resources.
  • Control resources through various applications on the freeware.
  • Folder and subfolders.
  • Simple, smooth and easy to use interface.

5. Monely

monely free

This is an excellent free software program for stocktaking and inventory management.

  • Manage all trade processes within the organization.
  • Assign multiple price categories for a single product.
  • Create price lists.
  • Create a lit of good returned by customers.
  • Orders for vendors.
  • Orders from customers.
  • Incoming goods and services.
  • Sales and supplies management.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

6. Vladovsoft Sklad

vladovsoft sklad

Don’t be fooled by the complex name of the software, the program itself is simple and easy to use for inventory management.

  • Control and manage shops and warehouses.
  • Keep records of sales and deliveries.
  • Keep track of quantity.
  • Organize products in the shop and warehouse.
  • Option of getting detailed reports through charts.
  • Export the charts to Excel, Access and other programs of the like.
  • Simple and easy to use interface

7. Pos Maid

pos maid

Thus, with all these wonderful options in the world of software programs designed just for you to manage your stock, you no longer need to worry and stress about a miscalculation of any kind. Just download one of these amazing and free software immediately, and incorporate them into your daily business.

Fill in the tables, sheets and custom made documents provided by the program, and keep the chart and reports handy in the office.

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