Love recording and creating your own music?? But not getting the right platform to have a smooth and noise free recording. This is very common challenge with musicians, as everyone does not have a professional recording studio. What if your iPhone creates a music recording studio?

Download any App, create your music, edit tracks, smash it, and make the most of your iPhone.  There are many applications available which provide smooth and noise free recording and help to bring your music creativity out. Here we introduce a number of applications which you can download in your iPhone and enjoy your own music.

1. Spire Recorder

spire recorder

Spire Recorder is one the best recording App for music. It has very strong network interface to work in your iPhone.Get Spire Recorder in your phone from App Store or iTunes and have fun with its best creativity features.

Spire Recorder offers

  • A 4-track recorder
  • Record, mix and share music.
  • Customization of tracks
  • Voice command and great audio quality

2. Music Studio Lite

music studio lite

It is very decent looking and stable application.Download Music Studio Lite now and use its great features to create your music.

Music Studio Lite provides

  • Full piano version
  • Undo and redo of tracks
  • Track sequencer and reverb
  • Edit, save and share if music

3. GarageBand

garageband 2

Install GarageBand from App store and carry your band wherever you go.

  • GarageBand comes with
  • play full string orchestra
  • Smart Keyboard to create songs
  • strum with Smart Guitar
  • session Drummer
  • Free to download for iPhone.

4. PanStage Music

panstage music

One of the reliable App for studio recording. It can also be used for multiple people recording at the same time.Here is your PanStage Music to be downloaded from App Store and make your personal studio.

  • PanStage Music gives you
  • free composition for music makers
  • Creating of multi-layered songs
  • Practice and recording of sessions
  • Store and share your recording

5. MultiTrack DAW

multitrack daw

It is one of the multi-tasking App for studio recording. It runs smoothly on iOS platform. Download MultiTrack DAW now if you looking for a multi-purpose music app.

  • MultiTrack DAW offers
  • digital audio workstation
  • 24 high-quality audio tracks
  • Several input capabilities
  • Supports different files format
  • Multi-touch pinch

6. Voloco


It is a premium and cool looking App for music processing.Get your Voloco from your App store or itunes and be your own musician Voloco brings you

  • Super Vocoder
  • Big Chorus
  • Nutaral voice recording
  • Recording of Audio and Video both

7. Songtree Recorder

songtree recorder

It brings everything that you need to create music in your library. Install Songtree Recorder now if you looking for a perfect studio for your music. Songtree Recorder offers

  • high-quality audio effects,
  • Editing of tracks
  • Inter-app audio
  • Share your work on Facebook and Twitter
  • High quality audio

We have brought the best Apps to make your studio recording easy. This will save your time to search. You can simply choose the best which suites your music requirements.

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