You have a high definition video or you have created a movie with your movie maker application. But now you want your video to have appropriate subtitles so that it can be viewed and enjoyed by the audiences. If you look forward to make subtitles, then let me tell you that there is subtitle maker software available.

And it allows you to make the subtitle of your choice. There is a number of sub title maker software available for use. The following is a list of some of the software.

1. The AHD subtitle maker software

the ahd subtitle maker software

Free Download

It is an application that allows you to create subtitles without having to generate scripts. It is a free tool used for the creation and editing of subtitles. If you carefully look at the software then you observe that the tool have a wide range of subtitle formats. This software is popular for other features. It allows the user to edit the subtitles.

2. The sub edit player

the sub edit player

Free Download

The software is smart enough to create, adjust as well as synchronize, translate subtitle title lines.

  • It is a freeware
  • If the subtitle is not adjusted then you can readjust the subtitle
  • You can make new subtitles from your timeline
  • Many subtitle formats are supported with the software

3. The Visual Sub Sync

the visual sub sync

Free Download

  • If you are keen to have subtitles with specific formats like the SRT/SSA/ASS then this software is the apt one.
  • This software allows the user to check for errors
  • It helps to obtain suggestions on network
  • The user can use the speed indicators to enhance the quality of the subtitles.

4. Subtitle-Creator

subtitle creator

Free Download

  • It is freeware software. When do you like to use the software? If you are desirous of creating subtitles for DVDs then the software is the ideal one.
  • The user can add sub titles quite conveniently and in that process, the originality of the DVD menu is not lost.
  • The software features DVD preview, changes in colour, synchronization, tagging.

5. Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor

aegisub advanced subtitle editor

Free Download

  • If you are contemplating about creating movie subtitles then you can use the Aegisub software.
  • The best feature of this software is that it is one of the acclaimed subtitle maker software that performs across platforms.
  • If you want the software to translate your subtitles to 30 different languages then the Aegisub is a perfect one.
  • The software has three different forms for three different operating systems.

6. The DivXLand Media Subtitler

the divxland media subtitler

Free Download

  • It is a freeware.
  • The software is idle to create, edit, as well as fix the external subtitle files for different types of video.
  • This software allows the user to create subtitle from text files.
  • The software has been designed so that the users can preview, do spell checking and basic text formatting, importing as well as exporting the different subtitle formats, auto-caption timing.

7. Subtitle Editor

subtitle editor

Free Download

  • The software is apt for making subtitles.
  • It can also edit, split, translate, and join them.
  • This tool can work with formats like the Adobe Encore DVD, BITC, plain text, spruce STL, and many more.

There are a number of sub title maker software applications that are available online. According to your requirements, you can choose to use the one that is more useful to you.

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