Are you an Action Maniac? Well, if you love playing action games without break then why not experiment with something so awesome, with these? Well, it’s high time you experienced the most awesome action games from the galaxy of Graphics. Download the

Top 7 survival games and you are assured to get more fun and excitement in a continuous way.

1. Ark: Survival Evolved

ark survival evolved

Looking to shape up the gaming directory with the best survival games?

Ready to play this one with all the key features here

  • More than 25 varieties of dinosaurs
  • Simple and easy tools to construct buildings
  • Interesting underwater and attractive jungles
  • Excellent climatic effects

2. DayZ


To keep abreast with change in generation and your fondness to play games, you can try playing games and get relaxation as well

  • Has day and night cycle effect
  • Huge varieties of weaponry
  • Allows exploring more number of towns and villages
  • Interesting hunting experience

3. Unturned


It there any such games in your android device that not so interesting and not making you feel excited?

You can switch to this game by downloading and you are sure to enjoy its features

  • Tons of weaponry
  • Interesting and thought provoking levels
  • Large crafting system to explore
  • You can choose yourself to be either hero or a bandit

4. Tree of Life

tree of life

Tired of searching here and there to find the best survival games? It is just the perfect time to download this android device game and feel excited.

Some of its chief features are

  • Interesting hunting features
  • Build your own kingdom
  • Allows more than 1000 players for each game
  • Enables changing scenery

5. Project Zomboid

project zomboid

Stop worrying about playing about the best survival games? Well, latest version of this most excited and joyful survival game has been launched.

Download this now to avail

  • Provides varieties of personalities
  • Excellent survival game with best landscapes
  • Large crafting and building features
  • Allows customizing each and every portion of game

6. Subnautica


Android games are sure to excitable and enjoyable to play. You can try by this game and make yourself in a relaxation mood with joy.

You can download from web and install on your android device

  • Explore ocean mysteries
  • Explore caves to search minerals
  • Excellent graphics
  • Great environment and exciting game

7. Rust


There is not enough games you can like to play, but with this survival games you are certainly to fall addicted to. It is the time to download this file to enjoy the game

with the features

  • Excellent utilities to design forts
  • Give feeling of real-life survival scenario
  • Huge armoury facilities
  • Generate variety of maps to make game afresh

Despite the influx of several equally fabulous games, we’ve got together the best survival games for you.

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