Tea parties are a time for great conversations over light snacks and a great pot of tea. It is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion such as Mother’s Day, a bridal shower. It could also be just a casual get-together for a light afternoon affair.

For a perfect tea party with your closest friends and family, you need to have an equally perfect invitation to get the word out. You don’t need to stress anymore about making that invitation as there are tea party invitation templates you can find online. They are easy to customize and you can download them for free.

Kitchen Tea Party Invitation Template

kitchen tea party invitation template



Save the Date Tea Party Invitation Template

printable tea party invitation template1



Vintage Tea Party Invitation Template

vintage tea party invitation template



Royal Tea Party Invitation Template

royal tea party invitation template



Elegant Tea Party Invitation Template

elegant tea party invitation template



Dos and Don’ts at a Tea Party

Tea parties came from a British tradition of afternoon tea in which, to satisfy the hunger felt between lunch and dinner, light snacks of sandwiches and cakes is done together with a hot pot of tea. These days, however, tea parties are done at any part of the day. As with anything, people are expected to behave a certain way during these events. Here are some things you should not do at a tea party.

  • Don’t put back half-eaten sandwiches or scones back on the service plates. This is common etiquette practice. It is very uncivilized to put food that you’ve already taken a bite of back on the plate.
  • Don’t eat everything you see. In these parties, there is usually at least one of each food item allotted for everyone. Don’t be too greedy of the sandwiches and eat a handful of them. Be considerate of the other guests.
  • Do use the utensils provided for the jam and cream. When filling in some of your sandwiches and scones with jam, use the utensils provided and not your own knife and spoon.
  • Do eat using your hands. A tea party is a time for light snacks that should be eaten by hand. The sandwiches and scones served are dainty finger food.

Surprise Tea Party Invitation

surprise tea party invitation



Princess Tea Party Invitation Template

princess tea party invitation template



Mother’s Day Tea Party Invitation Template

mothers day tea party invitation template



Mad Hatters Tea Party Invitation

mad hatters tea party invitation template



Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation

bridal shower tea party invitation



What to Put in a Tea Party Invitation

Tea parties are a great way to relax and have a light conversation with your close friends. When hosting a tea party, you need to think of the people you will invite. An invitation is an important tool in letting people know they are invited to the party. Aside from that, there are some other details you need to include in the invitation in order to have a smooth celebration.

  • Date and Time – So your guests know when the party happens, you need to place the date and time on the invitation.
  • Venue – Another important detail you need to include is where the tea party will be held.
  • Dress Code – Tea parties are not that strict with the dress code, but to stick with a theme. You will need to indicate what the guests should wear.
  • RSVP Information – You need confirmation from your guests if they are available to attend the party. You can place your email or phone number on the card as well as the date by you expect your invite to respond.

Tea party invitations need to capture the feel of how the actual party will look like. You can download tea party invitation templates and customize them. This way, organizing your own party doesn’t have to be a stressful job with one less thing to think about.

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