Get free of cost complete optimization, security and backup tool and clean any unwanted files through PC Smart Cleaner software.

Here is a list of best free temp file cleaner software. These temp file cleaner software let you clean and optimize your PC easily. Download it for free.

1. C Cleaner

c cleaner

Free Download

C Cleaner is a free software cleaner for your system. It removes as well as it scans files that are temporary from the system. Temporary files slow down the system performance. You cannot delete them as it takes a lot of time.

  • CCleaner is a wonderful tool as they are able to files and can recover it.
  • It keeps your precious hard disk space.
  • They also keep a track on your online activities.

2. SlimCleaner Free

slimcleaner free

Free Download

SlimCleaner is a completely free software that grows your PC performance of PC by repairing, updating your PC and cleaning against the latest issues and threats. It cleans your PC by deleting superfluous temp files. The files gets slowed down that also temporary the performance of computer also takes a lot of hard disk.

  • It cleans them properly
  • SlimCleaner can delete the temp files just within few clicks.

3. FCleaner


Free Download

As the name says FCleaner is a software completely free to cleand and download for, registry cleaning, system optimization and disk cleaning. Files that are temporary takes a lot of space in the system. It is an simple way to clean temporary files in a matter of just few clicks. It can delete temporary files in a selection of system folders. Your online activities and its traces can also be deleted with the help of it.

  • FCleaner is free, and they can easily work with Windows 7.
  • There are the new releases include an revise for cleaning Windows 7

4. Advanced Win Utilities Free

advanced win utilities free

Free Download

Advanced Win Utilities Free is a bunch of a lot of utilities. There are more than twenty tools File Recovery, like PC Cleaner, File Shredder, Registry Cleaner, Uninstaller, Shortcut Fixer, , Startup Manager, Joiner, File Splitter and Empty Folder Remover and a lot of others to boost and optimize your system performance

  • These utilities can repair, clean up, tweak, optimize and give a swiftness to your system
  • Free software

5. System Ninja

system ninja

Free Download

System Ninja is a free program for cleaning your computer of unwanted junk/temporary files that slow down your system. It also has a Process Manager, Startup Manager, and P3P Registry History cleaning tool.

  • It packs useful extras, thus they it’s solid, fast and lightweight.
  • Extras has a folder scanner and check sum tool.

6. Wipe


Free Download

Wipe is a free software to clean temporary files from various system folders. It can remove your internet activity by removing browser cache. Wipe claims to offer that protection in such an easy manner anyone can use it.

  • It erases many browsers like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome etc. It can recuperate large disk space by deleting unwanted temporary files. It also erases the tracks of personal activity of your PC.
  • This freeware advertises its effortlessness and does not disappoint

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