There are plethora of flexible and easy-to-use text analysis software which help to analyse unstructured texts, transform into useful business texts and extract relevant information.

  • Text Analysis Software

Text analytics processes are sometimes performed manually but when the text-based data increases, we are left with no choice but resort to the text analysis software online.

1. Attensity


When you need an integrated, hosted and stand alone text analytics software, Attensity is a preferred choice. Based on the natural language processing technology, it is widely used on social analytics. Other features include:

  • Allows text in emails, call-center notes to be analyzed for trend
  • Provides an underlying engine for auto-classification, exhaustive extraction etc.
  • Offers 3 horizontal solutions for IT, marketing and customer service

2. Lexalytics


This is another text analytics engine which is used to build a multi-lingual text analytics engine called Salience. The additional features included are:

  • Ideal for social media monitoring, market research, sentiment analysis etc.
  • Compatible with natural language processing, text processing, text analytics technologies etc.
  • Supports language such as German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

3. IBM text analytics

ibm text analytics

Providing natural language processed solutions, IBM has an easy environment to use it for professional sectors. The major features include:

  • Has semantic rules for reusing and captures knowledge into dictionaries
  • Supports customisable information extraction
  • Entity and relationship recognition is possible

4. AlchemyAPI


A part of IBM, AlchemyAPI is cloud based text analytics software which is used for sentiment analysis, content discovery, marketing, business intelligence etc. The other features include:

  • Helps to indentify people, places, products, companies etc.
  • Helps to relate extraction in sentences which are parsed into subject, object and action
  • Helps to categorise texts into likely categories

5. Angoss KnowledgeREADER

angoss knowledgereader

Part of a large suite of analytical tools, Angoss KnowledgeREADER is specifically addressed for text analytics in marketing applications and customer oriented content. The other features are:

  • Works through the cloud or on-site implementation
  • The sentiment trends can be read with visual graphics and can be also used for sentiment analysis
  • Advanced analysis by amalgamating text and the structured data

6. Basis Technology

basis technology

Based on multilingual text analytics and digital forensics, Basis Technology delivers a large number of products and text analytical services. This Rosette platform also offers the other features such as:

  • Supports morphological analysis, name matching, entity extraction, name translation etc.
  • Helps in character encoding identification as well as in automatic language
  • Has varieties of dictionaries, statistical inference, and linguistic algorithms

7. Clarabridge


When you need to focus on customer experience and need a text analytics solution, Clarabridge is a trusted choice. The features are:

  • Covers various sources of customer information including surveys, social media, emails etc.
  • Tune classification models and sentiment analysis
  • Has natural language processing (NLP) engine
  • Compatible with out-of-the-box connectors for salesforce

8. Buzzlogix


For a cloud based natural language processing text analysis software, Buzzlogix is a reliable name. The essentially important features include:

  • Sentiment analysis which help to classify the mood of the text
  • Subjectivity analysis to segregate the text as objective or subjective
  • Follows the standards of IAB QAG Taxonomy with entity extraction

9. Connexor


When you need a suite of text analytics tools, Connexor is a common tool. It includes a wide variety of NLP methods, with plenty of smart features like:

  • Extract information in 10 languages
  • Supports sentiment detection, automatic document summarization, metadata discovery, language identification etc.
  • Organizations in defence and security fins it very effective


When you need to setup a successful customer experience management program, the need for best text analytics software is essential. Whether you need it for fast extraction of themes and trends or for precise measurement of quantitative content analysis, there is no better choice than to opt for the textual analysis software.

Why do you need it?

For handling large amounts of unstructured information, specially in the field of qualitative data analysis, the text mining software works as a compressive statistical software which gives exceptional flexibility for analyzing text and its related content to make it into a structured information. This might include both categorical as well as numerical data.

The software helps to analyse content of open-ended responses, for focus group transcripts or for interview. These text analysis software open source are also essential for competitive web sites analysis and also for business intelligence. Right from incident reports to customer complaints, the free text analysis software help to extract information and knowledge discovery.

The other uses include but not limited to content analysis of media coverage news, in classification of documents, scientific literature and even in automatic tagged documents.

For patent analysis and validation of the content, there is nothing that can help more than the texts analysis software. Multidimensional scaling, assessing relationship with ratings, clustering etc. are the other features that make these software a preferred choice amongst many corporate customer management software. Try them now to make your notes and content have unmatched analysis capabilities.

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