In modern world we have an increase in the presence of text collages on internet. Once you have impressed by a text collage in word cloud or some other shape you cannot use any other tools. It is a very simple, attractive and eye-catching model of collages which impresses the visitors. Normally in various companies you have text collages topics like marketing, fitness, etc.

Have a look at the top listed Text Collage Maker Software and get the one which can serve you accordingly:-

1. Visual Poetry

This software makes pleasing text collages in different shapes. Here you can type your text and instantly watch the varieties of your text shapes and sizes.

Feature of Visual Poetry

  • It can drag and pinch to re size and rotate words.
  • Compatible with i Phones and i Pads
  • Fine tune with lots of options.
  • You can choose from many standard fonts.

2. Tagxedo

This software turns news articles, famous speeches, slogans and love letters into a astonishing word cloud. It highlights the number of occurrences of a text body individually.

Features of Tagxedo

  • Customise theme, font, colour, shape, size and orientation.
  • Make word clouds.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of standard fonts.
  • Save as images and texts for printing and sharing on internet.

3. WordItOut

This tool has a simple and easy to use interface. You can create a good looking collage just by pasting the text or words. You can even adjust the font size, font style, a number of colours, layout, blending, etc.

Features of WordItOut are as follows

  • You can create your own word clouds from documents and tables.
  • Filter the text according to your choice.
  • Choose your colours, sizes, fonts, etc.

4. Tagcrowd

In this tool you just have to paste your words and a single will help you to visualize the first version of your collage. After that you can adjust the font style, a number of colours, layout, blending, etc.

Tagcrowd comes with following features

  • You have an option to choose your colours, sizes, fonts, etc.
  • You can even convert all texts into lowercase or uppercase.

5. Wordle

It is a wonderful word cloud generator that offers many features for your text collages for free. You can make your collage instantly by providing the words or URL. After that you can customise its colour, font, layout from the menu.

Wordle features include

  • Customise your text according to your choice.
  • Easy and good looking interface.
  • You can print and save them on your desktop.

6. Tagul

This software helps you up to make and upload your own text collage. It has many interesting shapes and size present and their screenshot view is present in the menu. You can modify the fonts, colours, animations and layout after adding the text.

Features of Tagul are

  • Online word cloud generator.
  • Modify your fonts, colours and layout of your text.
  • No graphic design knowledge is required.

7. ABCYa! Word Cloud for Kids!

It is basically a word cloud for kids which help to collage your texts very easily. After you have pasted your words you can modify your word cloud by changing the word filter, word count layouts, colour schemes and choosing fonts. After that you can save your texts in JPEG format.

Its important features are

  • Must enter 3 or more words for proper functioning of the software.
  • Easy tool for students, teachers and parents.

We have tried our best to cut out your task in searching for efficient, easy, fast and reliable Text Collage Maker Software. All the above collage programs are free, simple to use and hardly take up any storage space. Pick out the one which appeals you the most.

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