Keeping your useful and sensitive data secured and encrypted is a must today. Your private data is important and needs some respect. We have brought to you some of the best encryption software that are sure to stand on your demands of securing your data.

1. VeraCrypt

veracrypt 1

The successor of TrueCrypt is in market now. Experience VeraCrypt today!

  • Available for free on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
  • The software supports Twofish, Serpent and AES encryption ciphers.
  • The software allows the creation of encrypted volumes in other volumes.

2. BC text Encoder


Very easy text encryption tool, BC Text Encoder should be tried by every professional at least once.

  • Free encryption software that can be downloaded on any Windows OS.
  • Has the provision of saving the encrypted text as a text file or copying it on the clipboard.
  • Password based encryption and public key based encryption are the two methods that the tool offers.
  • No installation required. Simply download and run.

3. AxCrypt


Developers’ pride of simplicity, ease and elegance, AxCrypt is a must for any professional.

  • Available for free on Windows and holds the GNU, GPL licensed encryption.
  • Has an amazingly fast speed of encrypting files.
  • Supports only the 128 bit encryption cipher.
  • The file size is less than 1 MB. Amazing!

4. BitLocker


The highly renowned name in this group, BitLocker is a professional gem!

  • Developed for only Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and Windows Server.
  • Supports the AES, both 128 and 256 bit encryption ciphers.
  • Supports the Trusted Platform Module schedule.
  • Encryption of virtual drives is also possible.

5. The Letter Encrypter

the letter encrypter

A very small software with amazing qualities, The Letter Encrypter should be download for some fun filled encryption.

  • Small size of 14 KB that can be downloaded for free on any Windows OS.
  • Uses Rijndael Encryption Algorithm which according to the US government is the best for keeping classified information.Works in the Incognito mode.

6. GNU Privacy Guard


Encryption of anything and everything, GNU Privacy Guard offers you the right service!

  • Download free on Windows, OS X and Linux systems.
  • It is an Open Source Implementation of Pretty Good Privacy Policy.
  • Encrypt anything…Ordinary files, emails, large volumes and what not!
  • Supports multiple encryption ciphers.

7. 7-Zip


The favorite encryption software on Windows, 7-Zip is amazing in its services.

  • Official build up file is available for Windows only. However there are unofficial build up file for OS X and Linux operating Systems.
  • Very strong encryption tool that can encrypt anything from a small file to large volume and maintains extreme privacy.
  • Supports the 256 bit AES Encryption sytem.
  • Very powerful command line utility tool.

These software are the best known encryption software in the market which follow very strong privacy policy. You can be assured that your data is safe with these powerful tools.

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