Menus are important in a food business regardless if it is a small cafe or a big restaurant. With all the things you can offer your guests, they need something written to read and select from. The way your event menu is presented adds a lot to the eagerness of a customer to order any of those that you offer. So, how do you actually start making a design for a restaurant menu?

The first thing you can do is to come up with a concept for your menu. You can base your designs with the type of food you serve. Serving Mexican food? Why not do Mexican decorations?

Aside from that, you can also look for designs of menus that are free to be downloaded to get inspiration on what you can do. But, the quickest way to come up with a decent design is by using menu templates. All you need is to fill in the details and you are ready to serve.

Free Restaurant Menu Template

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Wonderful Ideas to Apply to Your Menu

Aside from the information that a menu carries, it also sets the expectation of those who will be dining at your place. Most of the time, when diners see that your menu is well prepared and looks pleasing, they would consider your food higher than when you have a menu that is less presentable.

Here are sample ideas to apply to your menu:

Vintage Restaurant Menu Design

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  • Conceptualize a theme for your menu and setup the layout of how you want the outcome to be. The best thing about doing this first is that you get to visualize all that you want to see on your menu. You have a basis of what should be done and what shouldn’t be applied. Once you have solved this, you can then work on your designs that match with the theme. This also applies when making menus for parties.

Elegant Restaurant Menu Design



  • Sort out your content. What should go first and which items should be together in one category. Every reader will always have a reading pattern that you should be watchful of. The trick here is to put your bestsellers or those that are expensive in the area that is most noticeable. Although guests would most likely read everything, the first few dishes that catches their attention are most likely what they would order.

Watercolor Restaurant Menu Design

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  • Add sample images of the dishes. Every diner would want to know how the dish looks like. Because of that, you need to take sharp images of your dishes that would immediately make guests crave for that food. You can hire photographers to do the job if you do not have the sufficient skill to take decent photographs.

Hand-Drawn Restaurant Menu Design

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  • Choose your colors wisely. It sets the mood of those who check out your menu and would affect their desires of ordering more meals, just like how wedding menus are made intimate to add more positive vibe to the occasion. Also, choose colors that will go with your texts and theme. There are times that the colors you use will overshadow the images and texts or vice versa. You can look at color schemes to get more ideas on which you can use.

Wooden Restaurant Menu Design

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  • Use lines and boxes to create division among the words written on the menu. If possible, put proper segregation on the things that you add on it. This makes the words easier to read and gives the contents a better flow. Make sure that everything is aligned and in order to have a better look on your menu. Also, check the symmetry of your lines and boxes. Crooked lines or deformed boxes look good as well.

Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Design

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  • Take advantage of holidays and special occasions. People love to celebrate these dates and what better way to draw more people in than by throwing various promos to them. Have a special corner on your menu for special occasions. It can be a package deal, a discount with a minimum purchase or a plain promotion. For wedding menus and other occasion-based menus, you don’t need to add promotions.

Printable Restaurant Menu Template



Final Thoughts

Overall, the best way to market your menu is to make it appealing in the first place. The little tweaks that you do on it can do a big impact on your work. Look through the designs and see what you can do for your work. Start the experience of your guests with a beautiful menu and expect a better response from your diners. With great menu templates that you can use, you can expect to make a good impression on your customers. Download now and get started with the best menu for your restaurant.

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