Unquestionably, everyone knows how the zombies are. We look at them in the films and now in the video games. Make sure that neither all zombie games nor all zombies are created equal.Below are the free zombie games that you can easily download from the android apps.

1. The Resident Evil Series

resident evil 1

The Resident Evil Series has changed to a modern classic they have also been seen on the big screen. The game consists of a lot of different elements of action, horror, storyline and puzzle to keep you engaged for hours. So if you wish to play a game on zombie then this will definitely be your first stop.

  • No need of additional software
  • You will get free updates
  • Easily downloaded

2. Dead Rising

dead rising 1

Dead Rising is made just for you if If one or two zombies just don’t cut it for you. You will see more than hundred of zombies on the screen all at one time. You can make use of a weapon as you travel through the mass of hungry

  • zombies who want to kill you.
  • A mixture of level of thriller and horror
  • Rated for above 12 years gamers
  • Easy to download

3. Left 4 Dead

left 4 dead

The original game has received the award for this game, the game is the second version of the original and, this time, it’s much better. They’ve added all new guns, campaigns, game modes and melee weapons to improve your experience and maintain their stake in the zombie disaster.

  • 3D graphics with CD game sounds
  • Rated for 16 years and above

4. Into the Dead

into the dead 2

The zombie apocalypse is downward on the horrific world. You will not get any chances all you have to do is to move ahead if you want to stay alive.

  • Powerful game plays with weapon store of powerful weapons
  • It is a violence game, so it should be played for people who are 16 years and above
  • Compatibility differs with device.
  • You can also play on tablet

5. Zombie Crush

zombie crush

This Zombie crush game is super crotchety. There are exclusive scenes in the whole game and blood boiled fights will

  • keep you busy all through the game.
  • 3D graphics with CD game sounds
  • Supported on 2.3.3 and above android device.
  • It is a violence game, so it should be played for people who are 16 years and above

6. Plants vs. Zombies 2

plants vs

This game has come up with many versions with hit action-strategy escapade which has won more than 30 awards.

  • Select the plants cleverly to go via the winning strategy.
  • With mild violence level, it has been rated safe for 7 years and older
  • For 2.3 and up android devices
  • 3.9.1 is the new free version of the game


gun zombie

8. Zombie Killer

zombie killer

9. Zombie Smasher

zombie smasher

10. Zombie Diary

zombie diary

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