To be good at your trucking dispatch responsibilities, you need the skills. To excel at it, you need something more. Achieving your desired results and gaining a competitive edge to stay on top of the competition entails securing robust trucking dispatch software. If you do not have yours yet, make haste and choose to go digital as early as now. 

6+ Trucking Dispatch Software

1. Onfleet



Rating: 5/5

Price: $149/month


2. ProTransport



Rating: 5/5

Price: $99/month


3. Axon Trucking Software

axon trucking software


Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


4. TruckingOffice



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $20/month


5. McLeod Software

mcleod software


Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


6. ITS Dispatch

its dispatch


Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $50/month


7. Trimble



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $4199/month


What Is Trucking Dispatch Software?

Trucking dispatch software helps dispatchers digitize their daily operations. This software integrates the functionalities needed by truck dispatchers in a central location, allowing them to cater to client needs and establish relationships with truck drivers. It provides a platform for streamlining driver scheduling and assignment management. Also, it has GPS tracking capabilities allowing you to know the location of your drivers and vehicles in real-time.

In addition, with this, you can gather data analytics and actionable metrics to gain insights into pivoting business strategies. With this, you can also access internal communications platform and collaboration software functionalities for better fleet management. 


This dispatch trucking technology has workflow automation capabilities that allow you to customize and breeze through the repetitive tasks and complex processes of dispatching. In addition, it helps you and your team access data and gets updates in real-time, improving team scalability and flexibility. Also, with this software, you can increase accuracy in completing your work which heightens customer experience. 


You can find a lengthy list of trucking dispatch solutions in the software market. To accommodate the demands and needs of multiple dispatch companies, software developers designed software solutions to specialize in varying aspects of dispatching operations. That said, in selecting which one to equip, study your options and the services they can offer deliberately. Also, consider elements such as the business size they are compatible with, supported digital devices, and their prices. In addition, you should look for these features in the software of your choice:

  • Calendar and scheduling functionalities
  • Fleet tracking capabilities
  • Business dashboard
  • Compliance management tools
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Business process automation capabilities
  • Accounting system integration
  • Maintenance management functionalities
  • Ticketing software functionalities
  • Live chat platform

Top 10 Trucking Dispatch Software

1. Trimble

Trimble is software with transportation dispatch and fleet management tools. They have 11,500 people in their team and have a generated revenue of 3.3 billion dollars.

2. Samsara

Samsara provides its users with real time monitoring and fuel management functionalities. They have 1,744 employees working for them and have 252.9 million dollars in generated revenue.

3. ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is a transportation management software with work order management and shipment tracking capabilities. Its developer,, has 646 employees and has 211.9 million dollars in revenue.

4. McLeod Software

With this truck dispatch software, you can utilize a billing and invoicing system and dispatch management features. They have 497 employees working for them and have 72.1 million dollars in generated revenue.

5. AscendTMS

Shipment price calculation and order fulfillment tools are examples of features in this software. Its developer, InMotion Global, has employed 133 people and has generated a revenue of 28.6 million dollars. 

6. ProTransport

With this trucking solution, you can streamline incident reporting and vehicle management. ProTransport has 18 million dollars in generated revenue and has employed 97 people.

7. Tailwind TMS Software

Functionalities for mileage tracking and a customer portal are accessible in this logistics solution. They have 10.5 million dollars in revenue and have 32 employees. 

8. Onfleet

This transportation dispatch software has routing and live driver tracking capabilities. They have 66 employees in their team and have a generated revenue of 9.6 million dollars. 

9. Axon Trucking Software

This freight software has tools for truckload management and carrier management. They have a generated revenue of 8.6 million dollars and have 26 people on their team.

10. TruckingOffice

With this trucking software, you can use load optimization and customer management functionalities. They have 13 people working for them and have a revenue of 4.3 million dollars. 


What is TMS software?

TMS (Transportation Management System) software is a digital solution that helps businesses in the supply chain industry by streamlining the processes involved in transporting goods. It digitizes the documentation generation and management processes and gathers data analytics in real-time, improving visibility. It focuses on providing cost-efficient methodologies and ensuring a seamless customer experience to maximize results.

What is truck dispatching?

Truck dispatching entails varying responsibilities for varying truck dispatchers. Although, in essence, truck dispatching involves being the point of contact between trucking companies and the customers requesting the services. Their job includes getting and providing essential information to both parties and ensuring the package arrives on time and in its best quality while considering the driver’s safety and other delivery requirements.

What are essential dispatch management tips?

Considering that the standard of communication plays a crucial role in the quality of your services, you should ensure to utilize the right messaging platforms and communications management software solutions. Also, leverage data analytics to establish better relationships with truck drivers, engage customers, pivot business plans, and for your decision-making processes.

With modern solutions, you can now complete the dispatch operations that used to consume plenty of your time and effort traditionally with just a few clicks and swipes. That said, proficiently dispatch motivated truck drivers and leave your customers engaged and satisfied by equipping the best trucking dispatch software for you.

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