VAT or Value Added Taxation is very important to be submitted and sometimes it’s very difficult to calculate. In this age of technology, many different types of

VAT calculator applications are available. Some of them are for few countries and some are for all the countries. Here are some of the best VAT calculating applications mentioned below. Top 5 VAT Calculator Software Download

1. VAT Calculator by Joao Ferreira

vat calculator by joao ferreira

Free Download

This is a very simple VAT calculator. It is also a simple calculator which can do basic mathematical operations and VAT calculations, both. VAT calculations of all the European Union countries and many other countries can be done with this app.

Key Features

  • VAT, GST, HST, PST and Consumption Tax Rates can be calculated for many countries.
  • Allows custom rates calculation for other calculations such as fees, discounts etc.
  • New countries are added every month.

2. VAT Calculator by Yan Verdavaine

vat calculator by yan verdavaine

Free Download

This VAT calculator application allows to calculate VAT and convert prices in TTC and HT, vice versa. It includes VAT rates for all the European countries. Also, the addition of surcharge and custom rates entering is available for calculations.

Key Features

  • Basic mathematical calculations can also be done along with VAT calculations.
  • Facility of adding surcharge is available.
  • Rates for new countries are added with every update.

3. VAT Calculator by Pricereduc

vat calculator by pricereduc

Free Download

This is one of the best VAT calculator application available. It automatically selects the country you are located in and by default, your country rates are selected. The look and theme of the app can also be changed and modified. Custom percentages can be added easily.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of country’s different tax rates included.
  • Results can be saved according to rates and the country selected.
  • Theme and look of the app can be customised.

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