Used by all engineering and science professionals, Vector Graphics Editor Software can be used for drawing mathematical curves using mathematical formulae, creating layered and scalable images and what not.

An integral part of 3D graphics and computer aided design; it is a must for all engineering, science and graphics professionals. Download these easy Vector Graphics Editor Now!!!

1. Inkscape

inkscape 1

Download the free but powerful software Inkscape; an open source vector graphics editor for all your mathematical and designing needs.

  • Supported by Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Much like Corel Draw, but Scalable Vector Graphics, XML based W3C standard and a simple format makes it better.
  • Easy to edit notes, perform complex integrations, trace bitmaps and much more than you can imagine.

2. SK1


If you are a designing professional, you cannot wait to download the highly efficient SK1 for solving all your designing needs.

  • It is an open source illustration program designed only for Linux platforms.
  • Features include Corel Draw format importer, multi – document interface, excellent colour management, CMYK color space support and CMYK support in postscript.
  • Can export documents to Adobe Illustrator 5.0, PDF, SVG, WMF etc.

3. Xara Xtreme

xara xtreme 1

The fastest graphics program available, Xara Xtreme is one of the best software for CAD purposes. Download Now!

  • General purpose graphics program that runs on UNIX and LINUX Platforms, It is also being developed for Mac OS.
  • Has a small learning curve and can be used to create a good range of outstanding graphics.
  • For new users, the software comes with learning materials, tutorials, movies and tips.
  • The developers of this software claim that Xara Xtreme uses the world’s fastest vector rendering engine.

4. Scribus

scribus 1

Download Scribus, one of the most famous and free software ideal for all your page layout and press jobs.

  • Compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Designed for flexibility in layout and typesetting and allows preparing files for professional quality image setting equipment.
  • Can be used for creating animated and interactive PDF and forms.
  • It is written in C++ but has built in scripting using Python. Scribus is available in over 24 languages.

5. ConceptDraw Pro

conceptdraw pro 1

One of the most powerful software for business and technical diagram needs, download ConceptDraw Pro for your business needs now.

  • Compatible in Windows and Mac OS.
  • Ideal for business drawings, flowcharts, network diagrams, home and office layouts etc.
  • Have tools for generating reports, documentation and presentation to analyze project performance.
  • It is not available for free. The latest version costs $299.

6. Synfig

synfig 1

Download Synfig; a 2D Vector graphics and animation developing program ideal for many animation designing industries.

  • Compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Highly efficient for making film like animation with very small workforce.
  • Has spatial resolution independence wherein most elements are vector based and all layers are parametrically generated.

7. Turbo Plot

turbo plot 1

A must need for all science and engineering students, download Turbo Plot; an efficient software for creating 2D and 3D plots.

  • Free GUI application and compatible on Windows.
  • Can save in SWF which is an animated vector file format thereby allowing the user to create high-quality graphics with animation.
  • Turbo Plot can save images as well as vectors. It can also save TPLXML files that are text files containing what is created using text commands by the user.

The highly efficient and important software are backbone of the commercial industry as well as useful for academic and research purposes. These are highly recommended for people who are seeking bright careers in the field of engineering and design.

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