Ensuring your patients get the care and services they need while overseeing processes when completing transactions keeps you occupied. During busy schedules, it can even push you to compromise the results of your tasks for other business angles. Equip your business with veterinary management software that allows you to perform an extensive list of things and stand out in all aspects.

10+ Best Veterinary Management Software

1. ezyVet



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $150/Month


2. PetDesk



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


3. Next In Line

next in line


Rating: 3.2/5

Price: Custom


4. Petofy OPHR

petofy ophr


Rating: 5/5

Price: $16.17/Month


5. Shepherd



Rating: 5/5

Price: $95/Month


6. eVetPractice



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $100/month


7. Vetter Software

vetter software


Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $99/Month


8. AVImark



Rating: 4/5

Price: $169/Month


9. Digitail



Rating: 5/5

Price: $95.00/Month


10. IDEXX Neo Software

idexx neo software


Rating: 4.2/5

Price: $199/Month


11. ImproMed



Rating: 4.1/5

Price: Custom


What Is Veterinary Management Software?

Veterinary management software aids veterinarians and staff of veterinary clinics shift efforts for overseeing business functions digitally to focus more on your clinical practice. This software eliminates the need for accessing different applications and platforms for data entry, patient engagement, and bookkeeping and provides you with a more centralized view under one roof.

Also, it has functionalities for payment processing and organizing appointment schedules for smoother administrative tasks. This veterinary solution also provides data analytics for better insights into operational performance and improve issue detection. 


With this modern technology, processing paperwork will no longer be as time-consuming and taxing. By employing workflow automation to complete menial and repeating processes, you can increase the productivity of your workforce and minimize human errors. Also, it allows for a better connection with clients and collaboration within the team.


When choosing your solution in the software market, ensure that your money goes on the most suitable software for you and your team. That said, gain knowledge on the buying considerations to look into during your decision-making process. With pricing plans being one of them, study what functionalities they offer and whether or not they charge you for configurations. Also, check the list of their supported digital devices and determine how their service offerings align with your practice goals:

  • Patient records management tools
  • Billing and invoicing system
  • Inventory management functionalities
  • Treatment planning capabilities
  • Calendar and scheduling features
  • Patient reminder system
  • Prescription management tools
  • POS software integration
  • Patient portal
  • Financial reporting tools
  • Appointment booking capabilities
  • Third-party applications integration

Top 10 Veterinary Management Software

1. IDEXX Neo Software

SMS messaging tools and a practice dashboard are features you can use in this veterinary practice software. They have generated a revenue of 3.22 billion dollars and have employed 10,350 people.

2. AVImark

AVImark is a veterinary practice management software with client information management capabilities and practice analysis. They have 123 people in their team and have 23 million dollars in generated revenue.

3. ezyVet

This veterinary software has medical imaging and appointment management tools. They have 19.6 million dollars in revenue and have 135 people on their team.

4. PetDesk

This digital solution has functionalities for automated reminders and treatment planning. They have a revenue of 14.5 million dollars and have 100 employees working for them.

5. Petofy OPHR

With this hospital management software, you can use features for inventory management and information processing. They have over 25 employees and have a revenue of 5 million dollars.

6. Digitail

Functionalities for stock management and charting are accessible in this digital solution. They have estimated revenue of 5 million dollars and have 21 employees working for them.

7. eVetPractice

eVetPractice is a platform with team collaboration and pharmacy management functionalities. They have a generated revenue of 4.8 million dollars and have 24 people working for them.

8. Vetter Software

Vetter Software is a veterinary solution that provides users with automated booking and processing of electronic payments. They have 4.6 million dollars in revenue and have 24 employees.

9. Next In Line

With this platform for veterinarians, you can streamline processes for overseeing room booking and managing online payments. They have estimated revenue of 2 million dollars and have seven employees.

10. Shepherd

With Shepherd, you can simplify the complexities of managing a patient reminder system and a medical billing system. They have three employees in their team and have 435 thousand dollars in revenue.


What is the job description of veterinary practice managers?

Veterinary practice managers are responsible for overseeing records management for patient information. Their job description includes undertaking staff scheduling processes and administering training programs and other human resource management tasks. Managing inventory levels and stocks of clinic supplies and drugs and keeping track of the cash flow is also part of the job.

What are tips for successful veterinary practice?

Establishing your online presence and integrating your software solution with customer communications management functionalities across varying messaging channels ensure accessible branding. Also, investing in digital marketing strategies and providing a patient portal where clients can book and schedule appointments and access needed records also helps you stay competitive.

What are veterinary telemedicine services?

Telemedicine services in veterinary medicine refer to diagnosing and generating prescriptions for animals that are not available for in-person examinations. It involves communicating through video calls, SMS messaging, live chat platforms, and other devices and platforms. These services are limited to animals with minor concerns and those with existing records or history with the animal clinic.

Impress clients throughout the multiple touchpoints in the customer journey and overcome challenges that come your way to put a seal on business growth. Involve your clients in the treatment and make transactions seamless with the best veterinary management software. Provide pets the best care and their fur parents or pet owners with satisfying and memorable services by getting yours today.

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