Unable to enjoy your favorite classical movie whose image quality is poor? Want to upload a favorite photo, but worried about its poor quality? The obvious answer is to get the best video enhancer software and improve the video resolution. Using this software colors can be customized and shadows can be enhanced.

  • Video Cropper Softwares

This software has advanced editing tools to renovate the video and can provide new life to any video. Let us have a look at some of the most popular video enhancer software

1. Filmora Video Editor

filmora video editor 1

One of the best choices for video enhancer is Filmora video editor. With easy to use capabilities it is most useful not only for novice users but also for advanced users. It has free trial version to download and has below features

  • Easy to use video editing features like splitting and joining the videos
  • Enhance videos with filters and best motion graphics
  • Ready to use titles, transitions, green screen effects and split screen templates
  • Export the videos to the desired format and share them online
  • Edit videos with drag and drop facility

2. Windows Movie Maker

windows movie maker 1

By using this software, apart from enhancing videos one can be able to publish on sites like YouTube. It is a freeware and its features are

  • Add special effects and themes
  • Many editing tools like adding background music, split screen, crop a video
  • Import and export videos
  • Brightness and contrast enhancers

3. Avidemux

avidemux 2

This is video editor software is compatible to most of the operating systems. This is a freeware and available for download. Its main features are

  • Effective for encoding and converting videos
  • Support for trendy caption formats
  • Ability to do enhanced scripting
  • Support for rearranging clips and enhancing image effects

4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

adobe premiere pro cc

It is one of the fastest and most efficient video editors to make visually stunning effects. Free trial version is available for download and its main features are

  • exceedingly proficient video editing feature
  • Easy to use with other Adobe tools
  • Playback engine feature to help to edit complex sequences
  • Abode exchange panel feature to install add-ons

5. Cyberlink Power Director 14 Deluxe

cyberlink power director 14 deluxe

It is a feature-packed consumer video editor useful to create professional videos, complete with soundtrack, transitions and special effects. Free trial version is available for download and its features are:

  • Excellent editing features
  • Upload videos to websites like YouTube
  • Create professional videos
  • Provides more than 500 effects and templates

6. Zwei-Stien Video Editor

zwei stien video editor

This free software is a fully functional video editor and composition tool and has below features
  • Ability to incorporate still and video in one long segment
  • Simplifies cropping and custom effects by allowing custom key frames
  • Context-sensitive help
  • e-mail and ICQ support

7. VideoPad Video Editor

videopad video editor

It is a freeware and has smooth interface and makes editing quicker. Its main features are

  • Easy to use video Editor
  • Has amazing audio Tools
  • Complete video optimization
  • Allows to share videos with family and friends
  • Built-in easy-to-use video effects

The above video enhancing software offer excellent opportunity for the users to download and experience its worthiness. Get used to video enhancers and make yourself a professional in video editing.

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