The word “vintage” itself is often associate with a long period of time. Most often than not, vintage things just get better with time. The same goes with designs. There are those that are so timeless that they already looked good before and still looks good now. Vintage patterns, for one, are great examples.

Create your own banner, wallpaper, photos and more with vintage PSD patterns download. Find great artistry to apply on your invitations and any other printable materials. Make your designs look classy and elegant with the use of old school decors. Search for  creative donwnloadable pattern designs from the collection below.

Vector Vintage Patterns

vector vintage patterns

Seamless Vintage

seamless vintage

Abstract Vintage

abstract vintage

Tribal Pattern

tribal pattern

Vintage Black & White Pattern

vintage black white pattern


Bring Your Designs to Life with a Vintage Theme

Since vintage designs root from classic patterns, the initial effect it brings when one sees your output is nostalgia. It draws back memories associated with the vector patterns that you have incorporated in it. That is why vintage style is ideal to use for retirement party invitations, reunions, and other events that relate to time.

Another effect vintage styles bring to the table is elegance. Without a doubt, classic designs are elegant to see. There is something to vintage patterns that make it look elegant, especially the vector and seamless designs. Thus, it is ideal as patterns for wedding invitations and other formal events. However, there are those vintage patterns that are meant for casual occasions too.

Creativity. Although creativity is subjective, vintage patterns have no distinct form of how it should be or how it should look like. It lets you bring out new ideas based on the patterns that are already there. Aside from that, vintage patterns can match with various colors and text formats too. Explore the combinations you can do and the final layout that you can make out of the ones you have created.

Free Vintage

free vintage

Vintage Retro Pattern

vintage retro pattern

Coffee Vintage Pattern

coffee vintage pattern

Ice Cream Vintage

ice cream vintage

Vintage Round Pattern

vintage round pattern

Floral Vintage

floral vintage


Classifications of Vintage Styles

There are different types of designs that you can consider as vintage. They are as follows:

You will often see designs with large bold letters written on vintage wedding invitations. This type of design is called letterpress. It plays around with the text style, color, and texture yet to be applied to the text. You don’t necessarily need to use one color and typography. Explore ways on how you can make it better. This design is ideal for business cards since you would want to have something that would focus on your name, company name, and other details.

Bauhaus. The distinct feature of this design are the geometric patterns used by it. It can be a cube or a cone in colors of red, yellow, or blue that makes everything look simple yet appealing. This design originates from the 1920’s to 30’s and started the modernist approach in minimal graphics, design, and style. This is good to use on posters and event banners.

Pop Art. Highly reminiscent of retro style than classic, pop art is often associated with muted colors and curvy styles. The pop art style will look good on flyers and in some brochures. Although it can be considered more modern than the other designs, it is patronized by many.

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