A poster is a large print of a design which is meant to be a decoration or can also be one source of information. There are many designs that can be done, from contemporary designs to the classical ones. In fact, vintage is a popular theme used for posters because they showcase the nostalgic qualities of retro and old school.

There are different advertising poster downloads that are available online. They are ready to be customized so you only have to add your own details to it. This way, you can easily produce these posters without having to make it from scratch.

Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage Cinema Poster

vintage cinema poster



Vintage Hollywood Movie Effects Poster

vintage hollywood movie template



Vintage Horror Movie Poster

vintage horror movie poster1



Vintage Travel Posters

Star Wars Vintage Travel Poster

star wars vintage travel poster



Vintage Travel Poster Template

best vintage travel poster



Banff Vintage Travel Poster

banff vintage travel poster



Bali Vintage Travel Poster

bali vintage travel poster



What Are the Key Elements in a Vintage Design?

While you are scrolling your poster maker software, you will find vintage-themed posters in their collection of template designs. But, if you want to make your own and not just depend on the templates you can find, then you have to take note of some important components. These are essential points in poster-making that will help you out with your vintage design. Know what these points are to make sure that your design is actually appropriate to be considered as a vintage design or not.

  • Colors – Most vintage designs do not have anything sparkly. In fact, the colors used are mostly mid-toned, washed-out and matte. The vintage color scheme also leans more toward monochromatic colors. This is one thing you should take note of. Do not use anything neon, but rather go for something that looks rustic or retro. Though, in some vintage posters, the neon colors are used to get the 80s to 90s glam vibe on the poster. You can look for palettes of colors in a poster maker software to get an inspiration on what color scheme you can apply for your own DIY vintage poster.
  • Fonts – The typography in a poster also matters. The fonts used in a vintage design is mostly in retro style and are very minimal. They don’t necessarily have to be the block script or the calligraphy script. They can simply be sans serif or a style font that is really mean to have the old-school look. The best part about choosing the fonts is that you get to customize how your poster details would look like. Carefully pick out your font to use and preview your draft before producing your final layout in the paper.
  • Graphics – You will also notice the distinct difference between modernist designs and vintage designs. Most of the vintage ones that are used in posters are more rough and rugged. They are not too detailed and as smooth when you compare it with the ones that are now used on contemporary posters. These graphics also have a different technique when it comes to the shading. Mostly, the shadow on the design is at the bottom or the side. Most poster downloads that you will find online already have these appropriate graphics. So there’s no need for you to start over just to come up with the vintage design to go with your old-school theme.

Vintage Ski posters

Vintage Water Ski Poster

vintage water ski poster



Vermont Ski Vintage Poster

vintage vermont ski poster



Vintage Skiing Vail Poster

vintage vail ski poster



Vintage Whistler Ski Poster

vintage whistler ski poster



Disney Vintage Posters

Disneyland Vintage Poster

disneyland vintage poster



Disney Cars Vintage Poster

disney cars vintage poster



Basic Tips to Improve Your Posters

While the templates you see in a poster creation software are already good enough, you still have to make sure that you follow the basics of poster-making. This is to make sure that it catches the attention of any reader or viewer. You would want to actually look through your poster rather than turn their head against it and ignore what it has to say. With that, here are the things you should check on your poster.

  • Readability – You need to make sure that whatever is written on your poster can be seen by readers with ease. This is to make sure that they would actually pay attention to the detail on it. Writing something that is barely readable will defeat the purpose of why you are putting up posters. Choose fonts from the poster maker software that are legible and avoid those that are too extra to the point that it becomes hard to read.
  • On-Point Details – The details you would add on your posters should be concise. Do not add something unnecessary since you would not want your posters to be too wordy. Do not forget the important contents that should be in your poster. These details are the date, time, location and contact person for whatever celebration you are planning to go to.
  • Space – Make use of the whole spread to layout your design. Do not focus the graphics and texts on one area alone. Add adequate space in between letters and characters it looks even better. Also, follow proper margin as you move the contents around. This will help readers see the contents properly as well.
  • Call to Action – Add encouragement, challenge, or a persuading statement to your posters to make it more appealing to readers. Give them something to look forward to. It is alike a teaser for what is to come. Include a call to action statement to boost the reader’s inclination to continue reading.

Retro Vintage Travel Posters

Vintage Retro Style Flat Travel Posters

retro style flat travel posters set



Bus Travel Poster

bus travel poster



Colorful Travel Poster

colorful travel poster



Eden Retro Vintage Travel Poster

eden retro travel poster



Travel Poster Example

travel poster1



Rapture Retro Travel Vintage Poster

rapture retro travel poster



Beautiful Vintage Posters

Retro Dubstep Party Vintage Poster

retro dubstep party poster



Christmas Poster Bundle

christmas poster bundle



Strawberry Vintage Label Poster

strawberry vintage label poster



Vintage Movie Titles Poster

vintage movie titles poster



Christmas Party Poster

christmas party poster



Vintage Motivational Poster

motivational poster



Who Can Benefit from Vintage Posters?

There are different users of posters for various reasons that you can find on a poster creation software. With that, you need to familiarize yourself with who they are and how a poster affects their marketing strategy. Below is a short guide to these said poster users and how effective this material can be for them and maybe even for you.

  • Food Industry – When a new establishment opens, one of the most common ways of advertising is by sending out posters to places. This is because you want people to visit your place. Persuade them to try out anything you have to offer with a well-crafted poster to give away to the public. Use graphics that are related to your restaurant or if possible use a professionally-taken photo or your own star dish. It will be harder for people to resist when a mouth-watering dish is already in front of them through your poster.
  • Non-Profit Organization – The purpose of posters for organizations is not to market a product but rather to convince more people to join in. But, it can still also be used as a marketing technique for any fundraiser event. Most posters for organizations has a little more content than the typical posters. It mostly has activities possible members can later participate in or events that they can look forward to. This will attract more people to see what they will experience when they join the organization.
  • Educational Institutions – Although a necessity, most schools still advertise themselves to draw in more students to study in their facility. These institutions put up posters in public places to have possible students see it. In fact, they also use the posters to target parents. It mostly has the list of programs they offer and how people may contact them for more inquiries. More than that, schools also put up posters with model students to show to everyone how well performing their students can be.

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