Top 9 Voice Chat Software Tools To Download

With voice chat software for pc tools, it becomes easier to communicate with people present at distant locations. These voice chat software tools are available for free and can be downloaded for windows operating system without any trouble.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective voice chat software free download solutions.

1. inSpeak – the Voice Chat communicator



  • Offers secured and private communication
  • Comes with the option to send messages instantly, both offline as well online
  • Voice as well video chatting option
  • Offers the option to send as well resume transfer of pictures and files
  • Offers the option to watch movies, television, as well chat in the Multimedia Show Rooms

2. Nimbuzz Messenger

nimbuzz messenger


  • Offers free voice calls
  • Comes with attractive stickers
  • Join wide variety of chat rooms to discuss on topics, discover new trends, and make friends
  • Offers the option to make HD video calls
  • Features Group Chat option
  • Sharing files is easier using this app
  • Supports wide range of platforms
  • Can easily import details of friends from other chatting engines

3. Yahoo Messenger

yahoo messenger


  • Available for free
  • Option to create chat rooms automatically
  • Offers stock price update alerts
  • Features a Quick Compact mode that hides tools to increase the overall viewing area
  • It also features Launchcast Radio, Yahoo Audibles, and Yahoo Games
  • The messenger also offers support for Firewalls
  • Support for visual tweaks and news feeds

4. Tango



  • Easy to send and receive texts, videos, audios, documents, stickers
  • Option to send location based messages
  • Comes with the option to enjoy playing games, send stickers, and even add filters while making video calls
  • Creating chat groups is simple and easy
  • It offers calling facility from PC to mobile, PC to PC, etc.

5. Mumble



  • Delivers high quality yet low latency voice communication
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Comes with highly efficient server software
  • Totally free to install and open sourced
  • Easy and hassle free installation
  • Comes with a highly powerful API to support several programming languages
  • Provides positional audio in the games
  • Comes with in-application overlay

6. Beyluxe Messenger

beyluxe messenger


  • Superior quality voice chatting option
  • Comes with in-built public room creator as well configuration
  • Also features excellent message archive option
  • Features the option to include rooms to the Favorite list
  • Offers the option to send offline messages
  • Comes with different User Interface themes
  • Provides drag and drop file transferring mode

7. Ventrilo



  • Comes with a very simple user interface
  • Available totally free
  • Offers the option to conduct voice chatting in surrounding sound mode
  • It can be used to chat easily with friends and family
  • It offers high end security through password protection
  • It comes with text to speech feature for easy chatting

8. Win Bus Messenger

win bus messenger


  • Offers voice chatting option with other Win Bus users
  • Regular version is available for free. Premium version comes for a charge
  • Option to create own rooms
  • Option to join any preferred room
  • Option to send private messages to users
  • Option to receive private messages from users
  • Quick sending of files to other users

9. Razer Comms

razer comms


  • Promises crystal clear voice chatting options
  • Offers instant and fast messaging service
  • Perfect communication tool for the gamers
  • It comes with noise reduction plugin support as well echo cancellation for high sound clarity
  • Offers a highly user friendly interface to chat with family and friends
  • Available free of cost and requires minimal steps for installation

Voice chat software tools are highly beneficial for communication purpose. They provide cheaper alternatives to expensive phone calls. Apart from communication purpose, they are highly effective for gamers too. Yes, best voice chat software for gaming solutions are available to make the scenario more interesting. There are also gmail video and voice chat software solutions available in the form of GTalk and Google hangout.

Using lan voice chat software tools, it becomes really a realistic experience while participating in online gaming sessions. It allows the people to play and interact with each other, while making the world turn out to be a smaller place to live in. This type of a concept also allows for high revenue generation. With massive increase of visitors on regular basis, online gaming platform is a major revenue generation concept to deal in. It has become truly a multi-billion industry of late. This is definitely that type of a platform where gamers from different parts of life meet the most vibrant and energetic members while participating in some of the exciting gaming sessions. More importantly, they also act simultaneously as facebook voice chat software solutions to interact with friends, relatives, and colleagues.

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