If you are planning on giving away gifts or prizes but are uncertain on what to give exactly, you may choose to go with gift vouchers to save you all the hassle.

With vouchers, you will simply need to give it to the recipient right away and let them decide on how to use it. This way, you won’t need to worry whether the recipient will like the gift or not. But in cases that they won’t, they can still choose to sell the voucher instead.

Our website contains a collection of various voucher templates that you can use for many purposes. These templates are in high resolution to provide you with clear printouts, and are fully editable for your convenience. Feel free to look around our website for the templates that you may need.

Gift Voucher Designs

Beauty Gift Voucher

beauty gift voucher design



Luxury Gift Design

luxury gift voucher design



Creative Gift Voucher

creative gift voucher design



Kids Birthday Gift

kids birthday gift voucher



Babysitting Voucher Designs

Babysitting Voucher Baby Shower

babysitting voucher baby shower


Free Babysitting Voucher

babysitting voucher free



The Definition Of Vouchers

A voucher is defined as a small piece of printed paper which is issued by a store or boutique and holds a specific monetary value. Similar to gift cards, vouchers can be used in place of money when making purchases or other transactions in stores that are affiliated to the voucher.

The only difference between gift cards and vouchers is that gift cards can be used more than once and some can even be re-loadable, while vouchers can only be used once regardless if the value of the product is lesser than the amount inside the voucher.

The most common form of vouchers are the payment vouchers, which can be used to make payments instead of using money in affiliated businesses.

The closest thing that we can compare with these vouchers are gift certificates, which work in a similar way to vouchers, wherein you can use it to make single-time transactions whether or not the total monetary value of the gift certificate is fully consumed.

In other cases, there are also meal vouchers that can provide a holder with the privilege of enjoying an entire meal upon its presentation. Just like other forms of vouchers, these don’t work in all food companies and are only applicable in restaurants or fast food chains where the voucher is affiliated.

Travel Voucher Designs

Tour Travel Gift

tour travel gift voucher



Travel Gift Voucher Card

travel gift voucher card design



Transportation Voucher

transportation voucher design



Travel Gift Voucher in Vector

travel gift voucher vector flat


Payment Voucher Design

Cash Voucher

cash voucher design



Meal Voucher Designs

Food Voucher Design

japanese food voucher design1



Vegetarian Food Discount

vegetarian food discount voucher



Italian Restaurant Gift Voucher

italian restaurant gift voucher



How To Make Your Own Voucher Using Our Templates

If you own a business or are managing one and you plan on giving away vouchers to your most loyal customers, you may do so without too much hassle with our business vouchers. Or, if you are working in a travel agency and are planning on giving discounts or free trips to your clients, we also have travel vouchers for you.

With the help of the templates that we are providing on our website, you can make your own vouchers in no time. You won’t have to worry much about your vouchers since these templates have already been pre-designed for your convenience, and all you need to do is to put additional details while removing those that are unnecessary.

Below are some guidelines on the process of making your own vouchers using the templates that we have on our website:

  • Determine first the purpose behind your voucher, whether it is for giving price cuts or for free services to the holder.
  • Decide also on what is covered by your voucher as well as its limitations and make sure to take note of these so you can include it on your voucher.
  • Now that you have an idea on where and how your vouchers can be used, browse through our selection of voucher templates and select the one that works best for you. For faster searching, make good use of the magnifying glass tool on the top-right corner of the page and type in the template that you are looking for.
  • Download your chosen voucher template on to your computer by clicking on the download button that accompanies the thumbnail.
  • Open your downloaded template on a photo editing software of your choice (for the highest compatibility, we recommend you use Adobe Photoshop in editing) and make the necessary additions and alterations.
  • Have your voucher design printed and cut it out according to its appropriate size.

Wedding Voucher Designs

Wedding Planner

wedding planner gift voucher design



Wedding Gift Design

wedding gift voucher design



Wedding Invitation Voucher

wedding invitation voucher



Wedding Travel Voucher

wedding travel voucher



Thank you Voucher Designs

Thank You Discount Voucher

thank you discount voucher



Business Voucher Designs

Multi Use Business Gift Voucher

multi use business gift voucher



Boutique Business

boutique business voucher



Corporate Business Gift

corporate business gift voucher



Shopping Voucher Designs

Shopping Gift Voucher

shopping gift voucher



Shopping Discount

shopping discount voucher



Pets Shopping Gift

pets shopping gift voucher



Spa Voucher Designs

Wellness Beauty Gift Voucher

spa wellness beauty gift voucher



Beauty Spa Voucher Design

beauty spa voucher



Spa and Massage Voucher

spa and massage voucher



Spa Discount Voucher

spa gift voucher



What Are The Types Of Vouchers That Can Be Used?

While there are no definite types of vouchers in existence, there are different categories. This list features the most common types of vouchers that are being used today:

  • Cash Vouchers. Vouchers that are being used for all cash transactions, with the presentation of the voucher being sufficient for the payment and can be counted according to the value it holds.
    • Debit Vouchers. These vouchers are being used to pay cash expenses, or to pay for goods that are being bought.
    • Credit Vouchers. These vouchers involve actual cash and are being used as a legal evidence of money being received.
  • Non-Cash Vouchers. Vouchers that are used for all transactions that don’t involve monetary value.
    • Examples of these include spa vouchers, which are being used by spa salons to provide their customers with either price discounts or free services. Another example of these vouchers are restaurant vouchers, which are being used by restaurants either to give their customers a discount on their total bill, a free dish, or a free meal.

Restaurant Voucher Designs

Restaurant Discount

restaurant discount voucher



Restaurant Cash Voucher

restaurant cash voucher



Multipurpose Restaurant Voucher

multipurpose restaurant voucher



Seafood Restaurant

seafood restaurant voucher



Massage Voucher Designs

Luxury Massage Voucher

luxury massage voucher



Massage Gift Voucher

massage gift voucher



Vintage Voucher Designs

Vintage Gift

vintage gift voucher



Vintage Discount Voucher

vintage discount voucher



Vintage Shopping Voucher

vintage shopping voucher



Vintage Cash Voucher

vintage cash voucher



Helpful Tips to Observe

When making your own vouchers, you may not need to make the design as creative as you would with marketing vouchers since you are not entirely trying to draw attention of the people to the voucher. But, you would need to focus more on the content instead since you are trying to make them use your vouchers to gain their trust and to promote the reputation of your business.

For example, when a massage parlor customer is able to enjoy the benefits of using a massage voucher, they would look forward to the next opportunity by consistently visiting the parlor.

Read the tips listed below to guide you on how to make and use vouchers:

  • Make the text on the voucher big and legible enough for the convenience of the holder.
  • Write clearly the terms and conditions of your voucher, the affiliated companies, the products and services covered, and its limitations.
  • State clearly the percentage of the price cut on your voucher. If it is for a free rendering of services, make it visible on the front side of the voucher.
  • If your voucher has an expiry date, make sure that it is clearly visible to the holder to inform them on the validity of the voucher.

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