Wallpapers are the background desktop screen used in phones and computers. Back in the days, everyone just used a regular theme and a regular wallpaper, which was set by default from developers of the device.

But now, there are many applications available which give thousands of new wallpapers every day and these apps change the wallpaper for you, by itself. Top 5 Wallpaper Changer Applications

1. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers) by OGQ

backgrounds hd wallpapers by ogq

Free Downalod

This is one of the best wallpaper app available on the google play store and has been downloaded 80 million times. It has a collection of over 8000 images and are regularly updated on daily basis. It features different categories of images acceding to their genre.

Key Features

  • More than 30 categories for ease in searching the best wallpaper.
  • Several features before setting the wallpaper like Cropping images, filters etc.
  • Save favorites and history option.

2. Wallz : Wallpaper APP by The Lockdown Team

wallz wallpaper app by the lockdown team

Wallz : Wallpaper APP collects wallpapers from many photo services such as 500px, Flickr, Pixabay, Google etc, and also from more than 30 OEMs with more than 100 devices. The application has and provides more than 1,000,000 wallpapers.

Key Features

  • Easy to crop, set and manage downloaded wallpapers.
  • Blur tool to blur any wallpaper according to the user’s choice.
  • Option to automatically change wallpaper by the hour or by day.

3. 10 Million Best Photo Now by Best App Now

10 million best photo now by best app now

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This application is not just a wallpaper changer app. This application contains a bunch of different features. The user can search from a list of millions of pictures and can upload their images too. The user can make memes, edit pictures and can save them on their device as well.

Key Features

  • Share your own images with millions of users.
  • 1000’s of photos updated hourly every day.
  • Option to change contact images from one tap.

4. Wallpaper Changer by J4velin

wallpaper changer by j4velin

Free Download

This wallpaper changing application features single click wallpaper changing widget on the home screen. Also, there’s the option of a custom timer, through which user can set the time according to them and the application will change the wallpaper after that time interval.

Key Features

  • Customization widget to change wallpapers.
  • Option to change wallpaper on each lock-screen unlock.
  • Low battery consumption and no advertisements.

5. Red Bull Wallpapers by Red Bull

red bull wallpapers by red bull

Free Download

Red Bull Wallpapers is the official wallpaper app of Red Bull which features the wallpapers from the World of Red Bull action sports. The wallpapers are all in full HD quality and are from the best sports actions from around the world. The application supports for android phones and tablets.

Key Features

  • More than 250 free wallpapers and 18 animated wallpaper
  • Option to select wallpapers as favorites.
  • Application changes the wallpaper of your device every day according to the sport selected.

The above-mentioned list of wallpaper changing applications is selected from millions of applications and software available on the market. These are the best 5 applications which feature wallpapers from different categories.

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