What is one of the most oldest methods of publicly announcing the search of a particular person? Through posters. Even during ancient times, it has been practiced to announce to the general public that a person has been wanted; either because they have committed an illegal act or they have not been seen for a certain number of days.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking for wanted poster templates, we have them here for you. The wanted posters we have range from those used to find suspects, as well as those used for recruitment purposes. But that’s not all! We also have event poster templates and advertising posters here to help you promote various events, products, and services.

We Want You Posters

Sample We Want You Poster

sample we want you poster



We Want You Poster on Bill Board

we want you poster on bill board



One Piece Wanted Posters

One Piece Luffy Wanted Wall Poster

one piece luffy wanted wall poster



Naruto Vintage One Piece Style Wanted Poster

one piece wanted naruto vintage poster2



Sample One Piece Wanted Poster

one piece wanted poster sample



What Are Wanted Posters?

A poster is a large piece of thick glossy paper printed with some information and is usually stuck on walls, telephone poles, or any large surface that can be attached with something in a vertical orientation. A poster is used for many purposes, and is usually addressed to a large crowd. This is the reason behind the size of posters — to draw a large number of people.

A wanted poster is a poster used to inform  people that a person is being hunted by lawmen for allegedly committing a crime. The practice of using wanted posters to look for criminals has been done as early as the medieval times, when some posters only contained the name of the person being hunted, or if there was even a picture, it was hand-drawn by artists.

But posters can also refer to those used to gain recruits and volunteers, which also traces back to the World War years. The military posted posters to announce to people that they are in need of new recruits to join them to serve their country.

If you are looking for poster templates that you can use as a theme for birthdays or other celebrations, we have free downloadable posters right here. You can choose from modern to vintage posters, and from Western-themed posters to Japanese Anime ones.

Blank Wanted Posters

Wanted Poster on Wooden Wall

blank wanted poster on wooden wall



Old Western Wanted Blank Poster

old western wanted blank poster



Sample Blank Wanted Poster

sample blank wanted poster template1



Old Rustic Blank Wanted Poster

old rustic blank wanted poster1



Old Wanted Posters

Old Cowboy Wanted Poster

cowboy old wild wanted poster



Old Wanted Party Poster Template

old wanted party poster template



Vintage Old Wanted Poster

vintage old wanted poster1



Old Cowgirl Wanted Poster

cowgirl old wanted poster1



How To Make a Wanted Poster?

Back in the days, posters were done by hand with the use of cloth or thick paper material, paint brush, and paint. It was only until the era of cowboys and Indians, with the existence of printing presses, that wanted posters were done by machines. This allowed them to print in sharper quality, and at a faster rate. Nowadays, wanted posters are still done by machines but at an even faster rate that it was before, and is now colored. To help you in making your own wanted poster, follow the guidelines below:

  • Determine first the purpose of your wanted poster and the style you wish to use. Is your poster for announcing birthday celebrations? Is it to look for volunteers? Or are you trying to make job posters to invite job applicants?
  • Choose the template that suits your purpose from among the ones that we are offering on our website.
  • Depending on the format you downloaded, open the template on an editing software and make the necessary changes or fill-in the important details to provide the public with information about the person on the poster or the kind of people you are looking for.
  • After editing, have your posters printed.
    • If you already have a printer capable of doing it, make sure to print it on high quality poster paper.
    • If not, then you can always send your finalized poster design to a printing company and have them do the job.

Our wanted posters here serve a wide range of clients, from organizers who are planning to host parties or other events, to hiring managers who wish to use posters to inform people that their company has a job vacancy and is inviting people to apply for them. But if you are none of those, you can still use our templates for reasons other than plan events and invite applicants.

Job Wanted Posters

Vintage Job Wanted Poster

vintage job wanted poster



Overseas Job Poster

overseas job wanted poster2



Blank Job Wanted Poster

blank job wanted poster



Western Wanted Posters

Personalized Western Wanted Poster

personalized western wanted poster



Wanted Western Vintage Poster

wanted western vintage poster



Free Vector Western Poster with Sketch

free vector western poster with sketch



Western Cowboy Wanted Poster

beautiful western cowboy wanted poster1



Funny Wanted Posters

Uncle Sam Vintage Poster

uncle sam i want you vintage poster



Funny Animal Wanted Poster

funny animal wanted poster



Funny Cartoon Poster

cartoon funny wanted poster4



Funny Guitar Player Poster

funny guitar player wanted poster



Uses of our Wanted Poster Templates

In the real world, wanted posters are used by authorities to let the general public know that an alleged criminal is wanted by the government. It may even announce to the people that a certain amount of money is on the line for whoever can provide information on the whereabouts of the alleged criminal.

But, our templates can be used as a way of announcing that there will be a celebration for a person, whether a birthday, Bar Mitzvah, baptism, or any that involves having a person’s picture on the poster. You are able to make unique and creative event posters while retaining the look of authentic wanted posters back in the old western days.

Another use of our wanted posters is to look for workers or prospects when a company is in need of more manpower. These prospects may either be volunteer workers, or actual paid workers, or even one-time helpers that can provide assistance for a specific project only.

We also have blank posters here on our website for those who would prefer a more customizable template to allow for more freedom to make as much change as needed. With these blank templates, you can make a lot more than just wanted posters.

Help Wanted Posters

Help Wanted Poster

help wanted sign poster1



Help Wanted Pink Poster

help wanted pink poster


Help Wanted Template for Poster

help job wanted poster



Wanted Invitation Posters

Birthday Invitation Poster

birthday invitation wanted poster



Cow Boy Party Invitation Poster

invitation wanted poster wording



BBQ Invitation Poster

bbq invitation wanted poster2



Cowboy Invitation Wanted Poster

cowboy invitation wanted poster



Tips When Making and Using Posters to Look for People

Yes, posters are big enough for everyone to see, but not everyone will really care about what’s on the poster. Most will simply pass by, catch a glimpse of the poster, and continue walking. But to make sure that your poster will effectively get their attention, here are a few tips that you should follow:

  • When adding a photo, make sure to use a high resolution picture and not a blurry or pixelated one. The higher the quality, the easier for people to get details of the person.
  • Provide a short but detailed descriptions. This is to allow passers by to get information easily without the need to stop and read everything written on the poster. Even those in a hurry can get information if you write your descriptions this way.
  • Keep away from too artistic fonts. Stick to simple, bold ones to make the text easy for people to read. Be sure to make the font size big enough for people to read even at a distance.
  • Effectively draw the attention of people by taking advantage of the header, and we’re not talking about the WANTED text on the upper part of the poster. In big letters, immediately let the public know what or who you are looking for and why you are looking for them.

We also have other kinds of posters here on our website, you may want to check out our selection of invitation posters.

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