Weddings are always something to be proud of. Your entire life, you have searched everywhere for that special someone that you can entrust your heart to, who you can share you life with, and who you want to make new memories that you can share to your children in the future. Once you have found them, you never want to let them go and you want to marry them as a sign of commitment.

Weddings only normally happen once in a person’s entire lifetime, which is why that they would make it as memorable as possible. If you want to make your wedding announcement creative and unique, you can do it through posters and our website has free posters download that you can use for that purpose.

Wedding Anniversary

wedding anniversary



Vintage Wedding Poster

vintage wedding poster



Wedding Welcome

wedding welcome1



Personalized Wedding Poster

personalized wedding poster



Wedding Announcement

wedding announcement1




Post Your Wedding!

While the production of posters could only be done exclusively by printing companies back in the days, it has now been made convenient and easier to the public with the availability of templates and event poster designs as well as the affordability of printers that are capable of printing on large scale materials such as posters. Follow the simple steps below to guide you on how to design your own wedding poster:

  • Determine the motif or theme of the wedding. It only makes sense that the style of the wedding poster will relate to the wedding in general.
  • Browse through our collection of wedding poster templates and pick out the one that you think is best for the theme of the wedding. Once you have chosen a template, download it to your computer.
  • Take your template to a photo editing software that is capable of editing the template.
  • After editing the template, have it printed. If you have a printer that is capable of printing posters, then you can simply do it yourself. But if you don’t you, can always send a copy of the edited poster template to a printing company and ask them to do it for you for a fee.

Wedding Cake

wedding cake1



Chalkboard Wedding Poster Design

chalkboard wedding poster design



Wedding Planner

wedding planner



Wedding Movie Poster Design

wedding movie poster design3




Wedding Dress

wedding dress2



Guest Book Poster

guest book poster2



Effective Enhancements for Your Wedding Posters

Keep in mind that these tips are not only exclusive to weddings. They can also be applied when making birthday posters with our birthday poster designs and other events where the use of posters is applicable. Here are a few tips that can help in improving the quality of your posters:

  • When deciding to print the posters on your own, make sure to use high quality poster paper that will enable the colors to become more vibrant and shiny after printing.
  • Use high quality stock images on the poster. As much as possible, do not stretch small photos and do not reduce the resolution of the edited poster template. Save it in an uncompressed image format.
  • Don’t add too many features on the poster design. Limit your images and text and leave enough space to keep your poster design from becoming too cluttered.
  • Write down the details of the event clearly on to the poster. For a wedding poster, these details include the names of the couple to be wed, the date, time and location of the wedding, the time and location of the wedding reception, and the motif (if there is any).

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