The animation is a process where one should follow step by step this will lead to the final product. One of the smaller known steps is carving and tweaking the animated character with colors and textures to give it a good look.

Below are some of the free software tools are for those who wish to make their whiteboard animations by themselves

1. Powtoon Software: Get your best animation software

powtoon software 1

Free Download

Powtoon involves many free choices, it is legitimately the best free animation software decision if you are looking to make exponent videos, social videos, YouTube animated videos, or simple and easy animated clips. you can make from Powtoon. A lot of overwhelming animated movies such as animated explainer videos, sales demos, whiteboard animations, social videos, orientations, motion graphics, tutorials, and much more


  • Simple user border so you can make animated movies exclusive of being an animator.
  • Select objects that are cool along with characters from styles and libraries to make unique fun explainer videos.
  • You can make animated explainer videos up to 10 min long in the free version you can also make till 1 hour long for free subscribers this option is not available for any different animation software.
  • Make as many animated presentations if you wish. Animated presentations are overwhelming and superb.
  • You can create your animated videos straightly do YouTube.

2. Toon Boon: The best free animation software

toon boon

Free Download

Toon Boon makes can help to generate traffic and they are the tools to connect your audience. This free software is exclusive and they are not available anywhere else and you don’t require to be the techie to use them. This software is easy and fun to use.


  • Toon Boom has the most powerful animation software in the industry.
  • It is efficient and gives solution to every company and artist
  • They are the most powerful animation software in the industry

3. Idea Rocket: The free and right whiteboard animation software

idea rocket

Free Download

At Idea Rocket, you will get nothing better than to aid small or large businesses you can tell the entire world what they have to give. People who knows your requirements and work on them, and who at the end of the day will bring a video which will fulfill your work with elegance and wit they will create a video that will have a huge impact on your brand.


  • Not only does amazing sound, good art, and animation a story land, they also know well about your product and your professionalism.
  • They provide industries like Healthcare, technology, education and financial services
  • The whiteboard animation is done differently: the sketches are made digitally, This gives clients to implement customer revisions at any time in the development. They are more expedient, it also permits to add an animation that brings interest and variety to the video.

4. wizScriber: The handiest and simple software to download



wizScriber is an exclusive plugin to make engaging whiteboard animated video messages easily and quickly without design and technical skills. They are simple, handy and you can use it to grab your visitors and readers attention. The best part is that the video is absolutely free to download.


  • They help in adding a message and giving a real look of hand
  • You can permit clickable link at the last of the video
  • Enter seconds when you wish the video to begin playing.
  • You can state where you want wizScriber to look.
  • You can add limitless messages.
  • You can post and create pages more than one

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