Whois Lookup software is ideal if you need to provide owner details as well as registration information for any IP address, domain or website address.

Whois query and response protocol is used by these free software which let you find the relevant information easily. Take look at some of the best whois lookup software that are available for free download.

1. Mr. Who – complete information and works on multiple domain


Mr. Who is quite a handy software that is freely available. Take a look at some its key features.

  • Discovers information through Whois query and response protocol
  • Works on various domain names such as .net, .org,, .com, etc.
  • Efficient in acquiring information about IP address, domain name and website address

2. WhoiCL – runs with command prompt


Another effective software for website information that is easy to use and free to download. Here are the features.

  • Lets you find information about registration name, expiration dates, registrar IP and many more.
  • Can get information from Whois server located all over the globe
  • A lightweight command line tool that is easy to use

3. WHOIS Utility – a handy tool for IP information

whois utility

  • works with Socks5, Socks4 and HTTPS proxies.
  • The name of the freeware and website or the domain name has to be put
  • runs from command prompt

4. Whois – a fine tool for retrieving registration details


It is another free software that is highly efficient when it comes to getting domain name and website information. The features are as follows:

  • It is a freeware that runs from the command prompt
  • The name of the website has to be put on the command prompt
  • It gives you information on any domain name, website or IP address

5. NetToolset – a free whois lookup utility


A free to use tool that lets you analyse your network easily. Check out the features of the tool.

  • Has an all in one domain IP scanner
  • has clear options in a tabbed interface
  • Comes with a port scanner

6. Axence NetTools – a free software that host a bunch of tools


It is very helpful to assess the network to which you’re connected to. Have a look at the features.

  • They layout is clean which lets you understand the complex interface easily
  • It monitors the lost package services as well as the response time
  • Can scan the local host as well as the entire network

7. BePing – collects information from all over the globe


Yet another software that is very useful for website and domain information and is free to download as well. Here are the features:

  • Pings multiple times to ensure the gain of an accurate average
  • Gives you registration details, domain names, and IP addresses of any website
  • Allows the user more with pings through WhoisLookup, MultiPing and Trace Route Technologies

These are some of the finest Whois Lookup software that are available on the internet for free download. They are easy to use and fetches you all the necessary information you need about the IP address, domain name and registration of a website.

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