With the increasing trend and necessity of going wireless it has become almost necessary to convert your PC to a Wi-Fi hotspot using the Wi-Fi software free download for Windows 7, 8 or even XP. So now you can connect all your devices to your PC; sync them or browse your mail without digging out your purse.

They not only help you connect, but also help you protect by virtue of encryption and password generation.

1. Winhotspot Virtual Wi-Fi Router 2.0

winhotspot virtual wifi router

As the name states, this software is a virtual Wi-Fi router for all mobile devices which allows you to connect your phone or laptop to the internet in one step.

  • free tools to convert your PC or Laptop to a Wi-Fi hotspot or virtual Wi-Fi router.
  • in-built repair tools for optimal service,
  • hosting and playing multi-player games becomes easier.
  • sharing network without overhead charges and gadgets.
  • easy, how-to videos on YouTube.

2. Easy Wi-Fi 4.0.110

easy wifi

The easiest and fastest working router software in the block which helps you find and connect to active Wi-Fi networks.

  • No adware, spyware.
  • social network connectivity.
  • new portable version for all phones and other devices.
  • compatible with all Windows devices; tailor made for Windows 8 and above.
  • free software available for unlimited number of downloads; no trial period.

3. My Wi-Fi Router 3.0.0

my wifi router

now you can turn your Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC and laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot without any added gadgets and fancy paid cumbersome software.

  • easily create source Wi-Fi hotspot on PC with name, password and sharing criteria.
  • media sharing among connected devices is supported.
  • you can regulate network speed; block certain users reversibly and make the access restricted within certain range.
  • share all sorts of network connecting (LAN, Data card, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi).

4. MyPublicWiFi 4.1


MyPublicWiFi is one of the few freeware programs which allow long range connectivity of various devices through a chain of Wi-Fi connections; so it is more like an extender of the Wi-Fi connections in your area.

  • supports all Windows devices and especially ideal for PC networks.
  • easy to configure and comes with a step by step installation manual.
  • MyPublicWiFi P2P blocking prevents unwanted users from piggybacking onto your PC network connection.

5. Wi-Fi Key Generator

wifi key generator

It is a single purpose freeware developed for protecting your wireless network and it successfully generates a secure key.

  • sets Wi-Fi network passwords and encrypts complex key to prevent network hacking.
  • Wi-Fi key generator supports all existing protocols for Wi-Fi connectivity, including Wired Equivalent Privacy and Wi-Fi Protected Access.
  • generates 4 different kinds of keys (64 bits to 256 bits), depending on the WLAN request.
  • OS requirements: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows XP

6. Wi-Fi Protector

wifi protector

just as the name states, this application protects your Wi-Fi connection using a Virtual Private Network by virtue of an encrypted connection between your computer and internet.

  • Bypass all the regional restrictions as the program can recognize all the wireless networks that you already have access to.
  • step by step installation guide along with free video streaming in sites like Netflix and Hulu.
  • IP address is correctly masked for your network protection.

7. Thinix Wi-Fi Hotspot

thinix wifi hotspot

a free software program to convert your Windows 7, Windows 8 based PCs and Laptops to Wi-Fi hotspots. this acts as a free extender of your existing Wi-Fi connection and allows connection of multiple PCs and Laptops to one closed network.

  • share your PC or Laptop connection among friends with smartphones and laptops using different OSx.
  • intuitive security controls.
  • ideal for hotels and airports.
  • free of cost with no added software downloads or gadgets.

8. Easy Wi-Fi Radar

easy wifi radar

this software is tailor-made for Windows XP users who have tried and tired of building PC networks using existing wireless networks. this is a freeware which is here to make your dream come true.

  • auto-connection to already existing and authorized wireless networks.
  • ideal Wi-Fi program for frequent travelers and mobile users.
  • all access points are represented as green, yellow and red luminescent dots/clusters.
  • auto-opens chosen web browser once connection is established.

9. Wi-Fi Password Revealer

wifi password revealer

one of the much needed Wi-Fi password and detail retrieval tools, which helps you retrieve lost Wi-Fi passwords. all you need to do is download, install and run the program to retrieve your lost key.

  • compatible with all Windows devices and operating software, including Windows 7, 8, vista and XP.
  • it can export all extracted data as HTML, XLS, CSV and TXT files.
  • consumes less resources and uses up less storage space.

10. Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield

Free software that allows all users to remain secure while surfing, through wireless connections and access sites.

  • creates Virtual Private Network or VPN between user’s PC and Hotspot shield developer’s website.
  • you can access sites not usually available outside USA like Hulu and Netflix.
  • the VPN contains a 128 bit encryption which is difficult to crack but quick to generate.
  • access all types of regionally blocked websites without being detected.

The freeware are meant for the young souls who value the wireless lifestyle. They are easy to install and give access to a huge number of websites all the while valuing your privacy.

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