Here we have presented the list of virtual wifi router software. These are the best and allow you to convert PCs to virtual wi-fi routers. You can even share any internet connection with multiple wifi connections enabled for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and iPads.

All these are virtual and are very easy, quick, and convenient to install. These require a wi-fi network adapter card for the computers. Go through the list of best virtual wifi router software.

1. Maryfi

maryfi 1

Maryfi is a free virtual router software.

  • It is one of the finest and most powerful virtual wifi router software.
  • It is good for all types of computers.
  • You can use this freeware for transforming the Computer into a virtual WiFi router.
  • This allows you to share the Wifi Internet connection of your personal computers.
  • This can enable wifi with devices like tablets, smart phones, laptops, audio players and gaming systems.
  • You should give it a try because this is fully featured.

2. Connectify

connectify 2

Connectify is another virtual wifi router software to go with.

  • This is free of cost and comes with plenty of features.
  • This helps in sharing an internet connection with other Wifi enabled devices or computers such as laptops, tablets, mobile devices and more.
  • This can convert the computer into a virtual router.
  • For using it, you must install the wifi network adapter card on your computer.
  • It comes with loads of specs you can depend on.
  • It connects you to the internet through the WPA2 encryption method.

3. Virtual Router Manager

virtual router manager 2

Virtual Router Manager is a free and handy virtual router application.

  • It is one of the finest and widely used virtual wifi router software.
  • This requires a wifi network adapter card.
  • You can install the card on your computer ot laptop for running the software.
  • This allows you to share the internet over the WiFi compatible devices such as wireless printers, ipod touch,
  • iphones, laptops, smartphones and personal computers.
    It functions in the way of the normal physical routers.
  • This is using WPA2 security encryption.

4. Mhotspot


Mhotspot is a free and handy virtual router software.

  • It is one of the finest virtual wifi router software.
  • This can convert your personal computer to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • For using it, you must have a Wi-Fi network adapter card installed on your computer.
  • Via it, you can easily connect multiple devices such as tablet, smartphone, laptop, ipad, and more to your wifi connection.

5. Virtual WiFi Router

virtual wi fi router

Virtual WiFi Router is one of the best virtual wifi router software.

  • This is free of cost.
  • With it, you can convert your Wi-Fi compatible computer into a Virtual Wi-Fi router.
  • Stay connected to the internet via your mobile device, tablet, laptop, and ipad etc.
  • This is free to have and is easy to install.
  • You can share the internet with wifi capable devices.
  • For creating the hotspot you should have the wireless Wi-Fi network adapter card installed on your computer.

6. Wifi Host

wifi host

7. HotSpot Manager

hotspot manager

How to install virtual wifi router software

The virtual wifi router software are easy to install and can be run on Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Using Virtual Router, you can easily share the internet connections (Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with the Wifi devices (Laptops, Smart Phones, iPod Touch, iPhones, Android Phones, Zune, Netbooks, wireless printers, etc.). For getting them installed, you first need to connect the device with Virtual Router and be assured of your security.

The Wireless Networks create/shared with Virtual Router and are using WPA2 Encryption. There is no way of turning off the encryption. These can be built into Windows 7 and 2008 R2 for ensuring the best possible security.
You should give the “virtual” wireless network the name you find to be suitable. Don’t forget to insert the password that is difficult to access.

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