The Most Handy Medical Apps To Download For Windows Phones
It’s always practical to install some medical apps. Some you’ll need in time of emergencies and some to keep track of your health records.

The Microsoft Store offers some of the best apps in this area and are definitely worth checking out.

1. Blood Pressure Tracker – The one that reminds you of what’s excess

blood pressure tracker

The app like will help record your blood pressures with detailed statistics that make it easier to follow patterns. The app alarms you periodically so that you don’t miss out on checking your pressure levels. This way you won’t lose out data when written on odd pieces of paper that are usually misplaced. Other features include:

  • Backup of all your data on SkyDrive
  • Colorful charts and statistics that indicate the progress
  • Deleting/Editing of data is possible and thus maintain an error-free record
  • Indicators to mark excessive salt, alcohol or physical activity available
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • You can enjoy the trial version of this app for a period of 15 days and can be purchased for $1.99 on the Microsoft Store.

2. DiaLog – Your diabetic log

dialog free

The app as the name suggests helps you monitor the glucose, insulin and carbohydrate consumption in your system. For a 4.5/5 rating on the Microsoft Store, the features of this app include:

  • Specially designed for those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
  • User settings enable mg/dl & mmol/dl units
  • Detailed statistics of intake
  • Easy navigation of previous records
  • Sorting availabilities – alphabetically, ascending or descending
  • The app can be downloaded for free.

3. Mobile First Aid – Your emergency savior

mobile first aid

The app specializes on giving out needed instructions whilst giving a person first-aid. Non-medical professionals can use this app at ease and help provide comfort to those hurt. The features of this app include:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) algorithm made with agreement with the European Resuscitation Council guidelines
  • Pin installed to enable BLS sequence faster
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • The app is available for free on the Microsoft Store.

4. Meds Tracker – Your medicine disciplinary

meds tracker

This is a very useful app who have a rigorous medication routine and need to be reminded about them. The app includes of 3 schedules viz., Custom daily schedules- for when you have to specify the exact time, Fixed schedule- after every 3 hours and sliding schedules- 3 hours after the last time you took your medication. Apart from this, the features of this app include:

  • Indicator of the next medication using a Live Tile
  • Notifies when you need to refill your medication
  • Backup record on OneDrive
  • A “Quiet Hours” feature that disables alarms while sleeping
  • Supports local time/date settings
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • The free version of the app contains Custom and Sliding schedules and the Fixed schedule is enabled on the
  • paid version for $1.99.

5. Medicine Cabinet – The medicine stock tracker


Features include:

  • Indicator of your medicine supplies and if they are to be discarded
  • Up to date lists of your active medications
  • Available for free on the Microsoft Store.

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