Word games are one of the most brainstorming intensive games that are available for the android and the PC gamers.

Those who wish to improve their vocabulary, try these games during the free time.

1. Scrabble


The most popular word game which is used for increasing the vocabulary, is the famous word-making game, Scrabble. Customize the difficulty level as per your standard and see how many points you can rack up. It is not only a game but also help you achieve and learn some great words of the English language.

  • play against the computer or other players
  • Play It On – Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Stat records keep the record of the highest scoring word, the highest scoring game, highest scoring turn etc.

2. Word search

word search

It is one of the best auto-generated word search app available for the android users. It can be equally enjoyed by adults and children as the difficulty level can be customized depending on your age. It has two methods of self-generation.

  • Available in different languages like Spanish, English, Catalan, French, Italian and Portuguese.
  • has been rated for 3+ gamers
  • needs the android version 2.3 and up

3. Ruzzle Free

Over 55 million players enjoying this word game, you can install it on your android to challenge your friends. To make words out of the scrambled letters along with the bonus tiles can help you score highly than the rest. This free, fun, and fast-paced game is available in multiple languages.

  • pause the game on an incoming call
  • can be customized depending upon the android device
  • perfect for anybody above 3 years

4. WordBrain


Although it looks pretty easy, the game gains momentum as it starts going up the level. Featuring more than 15 languages along with 580 levels per language, you can enjoy the challenge to end the game which very few have been able to!

  • requires 4.0 and up android version
  • the current version 1.0.8 is rated ideal for anybody up three years of age
  • all steps have a solution

5. Dropwords


This word-finding puzzle is basically a combination of Boggle and Scrabble. Depending on your mood, choose from the six game modes available.

  • available for 2.3 and up android version
  • anyone above 3+ can enjoy the game
  • interactive interface with 153136 words

6. Pressed For Words

Some consider it one of the most brain-teasing game, where you have to beat the clock to find the word.

  • for anybody with 2.3 and up android version
  • have about 4000 six-letter puzzles
  • 2 ½ minutes to find as many words as possible

7. WordBuzz


Just swipe to see the explosion of the new word and play.

  • play alone or challenge others
  • 1.70 current version is supported for 2.3 and up Android models
  • for anyone above 3 years

Word games have been popular among the kids as well as among the adults for ages. With the mobile friendly version of the games, they can be easily installed on the smart phones and enjoyed during any time of the day. It requires no extra software and some of them can also be played without the need of the internet.

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