There are so many beautiful places on Earth that we don’t know about. Maps make it easy for us for discover these new places, and with our list of free world map software, a lot easier.

Explore, travel, share just by downloading these free applications for your personal computer. These software are available for Windows, Linux,  Mac OSX.

1. Google Earth – A Giant Among Word Map Software

google earth

Download Google Earth, to take a virtual trip to anywhere in the world

  • Navigate places by using ‘Street View’, to see a detailed image of the streets of the world, with an additional ground-level view option
  • Search for any place on Earth – by just putting in the name of the place in the search bar
  • Trace and measure any place on the earth using measuring equipments
  • Explore not just the earth, but also other stars and planets
  • Completely free, and available in a web/software/mobile version

2. Motherplanet – A World Map Software With Loads of Features


Check out Motherplanet an online/offline world map with real time GPS navigation

  • Supports realtime satellite map GPS navigation on any vehicles
  • Equipped 30m- resolution LandSat7 satellite imagery and 90m- resolution SRTM
  • Equipped with information about 270 countries and 40000 cities
  • Supports NMEA-0183 compatible with a GPS receiver
  • Customize by adding your placemarks, paths and GPS tracks

3. Google Maps – A Mapping Software For both PC and Mobile users

google maps

Download Google Maps, a quintessential online map for Anrdroid/IOS users

  • Voice guided GPS navigation available for Android/IOS users
  • Accurate maps for 220 countries and territories
  • Updates on traffic conditions, incident reports, and automatically finds the best route
  • Street View available for restaurants, museums etc.
  • Transit directions for over 15000 cities/towns available
  • Cons: Available in a web version for PC users.

4. Marble – A Virtual Globe And World Atlas

marble world atlas

Check out Marble if you want an alternative to Google Earth and to learn more about our planet.

  • Measure distances between two places, obtain coordinates for a new location
  • Observe cloud cover over a particular place and add filters
  • Topographic/temperature/night view/satellite maps etc. available
  • Time travel back to view historical places using maps from previous centuries

5. NASA World Wind – An Open-Source World Map Software From NASA

nasa world wind

Check out NASA World Wind, to gain a different perspective from its various maps

  • Uses 6 different governmental sources to show us the world
  • High resolution maps through Landsat 7 and Blue Marble
  • Datas of earthquake, disasters through MODIS
  • Easy interface, which includes zoom in by just scrolling the mouse
  • High definition moon images – craters, deserts, plains

6. MapSphere – All-round Software For Navigating


Download MapSphere to be in touch with the whole world while travelling

  • Provides an accurate map by extracting from sources such as OpenStreetMap, Terra Server etc.
  • Has the ability to display maps in 2D/3D modes
  • GPS compatible , for tracking your and other users’ location
  • Provides a chatroom to stay in touch and discuss your travels
  • Stores all online mapping data for offline use

7. HERE – A Software With HD Maps For Mobiles

here maps

Use HERE if you want a high definition experience while finding your desired location

  • Users can access the application without any internet connection
  • Takes into account personal preferences with fresh location analytics for making driving safer
  • Helps companies by giving services such as truck routing and data visualization
  • Allows the user to create Maps through Here Map Creator

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