XPS files and also known as XPS Annotator. These files are easy to annotate, sign whereas PDF files show two-dimensional documents and it is associated with Abode which reserves the patent.

The conversion of XPS to PDF is easy with various converting software available on the internet.

1. Free XPS to PDF Converter

free xps to pdf converter

Free Download

The multi-functional utility lets user convert XPS file into PDF and vice versa. The options are pretty bigger with the plain user interface, It is available as a freeware & full-length purchase application. Installation of this tool is just a click away with no hassle. The output quality after conversions is pretty awesome.

  • Easy drag and drop options
  • Converts XPS into PDFs and vice versa
  • The tool uses fewer system resources and causes no burden on system memory
  • The conversion is fast with no loss of quality
  • The application is available both as freeware and paid version.

2. NovaPDF



The splendid and lucrative interface is very easy to use. The user can add multiple files either by selection or by drag and drop feature. The conversion is quick with optimum quality of the output. The tool houses some basic editing tools for PDF. The tool comes with both trial and paid version.

  • The tool is specially made for Windows users
  • The tool can convert XPS and PDF files.
  • Step-by-step tutorials for conversion
  • The user can create watermarks or can compress the PDF, etc.

3. CheckPrixa XPS to PDF Converter v1.20

checkprixa xps to pdf converter v1


It’s a freeware with splendid and attractive user interface. Anyone can use the tool with its user-friendly features. The Application converts XPS files into PDF files. Editing options like the merging of pages are available. The user can customize the page size before generating output. Automatic page size detector to detect the page size.

  • Converts XPS into PDF
  • Custom page sizes are available before conversion
  • Basic editing tool like merging of pages is possible.
  • It’s a freeware which supports a vivid resolution from 96 Dpi to 1200 Dpi.
  • Easy to use.

4. Mgosoft XPS to PDF Converter

mgosoft xps to pdf converter


Easy drag and drop function for uploading files into the tool for conversion. Mgosoft can merge PDF files and convert XPS to PDF. The tool offers encryption capabilities where the user can set password protection for PDF files. The file conversion is pretty fast with little overhead timing.

  • The tool uses fewer system resources and hence easy and quick converting software
  • It can convert XPS file into PDFs
  • Encryption capabilities on PDF files.
  • The tool poses drag and drop option for converting multiple files at a time.

5. OakDoc XPS to PDF Converter v2.1

oakdoc xps to pdf converter v2


List of features is long with the OakDoc converter. The converter is useful to convert XPS to PDF file with the step-by-step wizard for guidance. All the conversions are quick. It is encryption protection for its PDF Files. The user can adjust resolution and Dpi of the output file. The software runs on Windows 2000 & above. The software is up for trial and it is also available as the full package.

  • Conversion of XPS to PDF files are quick
  • It supports customizable resolution and Dpi of the output PDF page
  • The PDF files are password protection with OakDoc Encryption capabilities
  • The tool doesn’t allow any modification to the PDF when set.
  • Step-By-Step wizard for guidance
  • It supports multiple pages tiff files.

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