While some of the zip software downloads support windows, some also extend their services to iPhones and MACs. These tools are unique in their way of possessing high compression ratios and fast compression with manual

customization settings. Check out our crisp and fresh Zip Software Downloads review for getting an idea about the best and free zip tools of this year.

1. WinZip 19.5


Whenever we speak of zip software download WinZip is the first name that comes to our minds. WinZip has been the leading, free zip software of the decade.

  • Easy, one step, complete download without having to pay any money at all.
  • WinZip 19.5 delivers faster file compression.
  • It is streamlined and has extended enterprise support.
  • Has multi-language support including, English, French, German, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

2. WinRAR 5.21


The most downloaded zipping and unzipping software of the century, the WinRAR 5.21 undoubtedly takes the throne among all zipping file downloads.

  • Open, create and decompress RAR, ZIP and almost all other file formats.
  • Allows you to send files in RAR5 format which allows exponentially better compression.
  • 15 different format supports.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP for all 32 and 64 bit systems.

3. Unzip Wizard

unzip wizard

A free trial version of the ultimate Unzip Wizard is now available for free download. This supports all file formats and allows direct sharing of files and folders.

  • You can choose and unzip files all at once or one by one.
  • Warning pop-ups in case of files being deleted or overwritten.
  • Step by step installation guide cum wizard.
  • You can sort all zipped files by name, date, compressed and uncompressed status.

4. Unzip


An ideal unzipping software for all windows users who are looking forward to unrestricted service without having to pay ridiculous amounts.

Check out the awesome features

  • High speed archiving, high degree of compression and high speed, accurate unzipping.
  • Supports all formats if files including ZIP, 7z, BZ2, BZIP2, CPIO, LZIP, LZOP, TGZ, TAR, RAR etc.
  • Manually configure the parameters of compression while archive creation.
  • View progress and process of packing and unpacking.

5. Ultrazip


Ultrazip comes with features which we have always sought in all premium unzipping software programs. Ultrazip is a freeware for frequent downloaders and file sharers.

  • Pack and unpack all major formats including RAR, ZIP, ZIPX, 7-ZIP, ISO, CAB, and RAR5.
  • You can add extra protection to files with multiple algorithm encryption.
  • Complete windows 7 and windows 8 support.
  • Comes with a fast multi-core ZIP/ZIPX engine.
  • Fastest RAR unzipping with UAC elevation and RAR 5.x support.

6. Zip for windows 8

8 zip for windows 8

Windows 8 is a comparatively new addition to the windows family and finding the ideal unzipping wizard for this OS isn’t an easy task if you do not know where to look. The 8 Zip is well suited in many ways.

  • Compatible with Zip, 7Z, TAR, GZIP, XZ and BZIP2 formats.
  • The interface is completely customizable and that makes it extremely user friendly too.
  • Complete free download with unlimited customer support.

7. Extractor for ZIP and RAR

extractor for zip and rar

The Extractor is the ultimate packing and unpacking tool for all windows users and their cumbersome files. The expanded format support with free full version download makes it all of ourfavorite.

  • Supports extraction from and compression to- Zip, RAR, ISO and GZ; almost all the formats required by the users.
  • You can unpack full archives and also work with multi-volume archives at the same time.
  • Manually adjustable compression settings while archive creation.

8. IZArc2Go4.1.6


There is no compression format that IZArc2Go cannot handle on a windows platform. This freeware is known for its dynamicity and swiftness.

  • Supports multi-algorithm encryption for privacy and malware protection.
  • Supports drag and drop addition for compression and decompression of files.
  • It has special and updated virus scanning features.
  • Supports multi-volume 7-zip sets as well.
  • Files can be sorted according to different priorities; names, dates, types, format etc.

9. Flash Zip RAR 1.0

flash zip rar

With a wide support range for different formats, the Flash Zip RAR is a tough competitor for all other Windows 7 dedicated uncompressing tools.

  • It can work with multi-volume archives.
  • Allows you to create and unpack password protected archives.
  • You can monitor the process of packing and unpacking all your files.
  • All the services and updates are completely free and can be enjoyed by all windows users.

10. 7z Zip RAR

7z zip rar

The 7z Zip RAR is a robust candidate on our list of the 10 best unzipping software programs for all users. This not only has versatility, it also provides you with easy one-step compressing and uncompressing of all files and formats.

  • Supports almost 15 formats which can be zipped and unzipped by the software.
  • It has a minimalist and adjustable interface.
  • Comes with easy instructions as well as in installation guide.

Everyone who needs to download files from mail or even from the web needs unzipping software for accessing the big files. These are a wonderful way of making the elephant fit into the box.

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