We often come across songs that touch our heart in a very special way or get us grooving and in a spectacular mood. As a reflex, we always look forward to make these tunes our ringtones, but alas the length of the song does not allow it. Here is where the role of the ringtone cutter apps for android comes into the scene.

These apps are used to cut and join the best sections of your favourite song and make them into one of the best ringtones ever. Here is the list of top 7 ringtone cutter apps for android that you may choose from to download on your smart device and start creating unique ringtones.

1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

mp3 cutter and ringtone maker 1

Free Download

One of the most sought after and popular ringtone cutter apps for android in the market today is the Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker. There are a number of factors that have worked in the favour of the app, in the way of making it the most downloaded ringtone cutter application.

  • Use the app to cut the most beautiful section of your favourite song.
  • You can use the cut portion as ringtone, notification tune, alarm tune, etc.
  • The folders used to save the cut file are- the SD card, the mnt, audio, and media.

2. Ringtone Maker Pro

ringtone maker pro

Free Download

If you are looking for more than just song or tune cutting option and want professional results out of your newly created ringtone, then the app you should be opting for is the Ringtone Maker pro.

  • Use the app to make brilliant fade in and fade out effects.
  • Not only ringtones, use the app to create alarm tunes, notification tunes and a lot more.
  • To create all of the above, all you have to do is select your favourite song, select the portion you want to use with the audio wave, and create your own customized tune.

3. Ringtone Cutter

ringtone cutter

Free Download

One of the most highly rated ringtone cutter or maker apps for Android on Google Play, today is the Ringtone cutter.

  • The app comes with one of the most easy to comprehend and use interfaces that make cutting songs and creating tunes, the easiest task ever.
  • It takes three steps to create a tune. Select a song from the library, select the portion you want as the tune and SAVE.

4. MP3 Cutter Easy Ringtone Maker

mp3 cutter easy ringtone maker

Free Download

Another highly rated ringtone cutter and maker app for android users is the MP3 Cutter Easy Ringtone maker. The app is a freeware and can be downloaded from Google Play for absolutely no cost.

  • You can use the app to cut favorite portions of your favorite songs and transform them into ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones and much more.
  • The app also acts as a recorder. Use it to record live audio and then cut and create to make the perfect ringtone.

5. Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor

ringtone maker mp3 editor

Free Download

If you are looking for an efficient and professional solution to your ringtone creating needs, you can have them fulfilled with the Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor.

  • This freeware is easy to use and achieves professional results in just a few steps.
  • You can use the app to record any kind of audio piece and further edit it to transform it into a ringtones.
  • You can use the app to share the files created by you.

6. Ringdroid


Free Download

One of the most multi functional apps on this list, along with being one of the most highly rated is the Ringroid.

  • It has grown to become a favorite to both professionals and general users alike.
  • The app comes in a number of versions making it compatible to every version of the android system.

7. MP3 Cutter

mp3 cutter

Free Download

Last but not the least, the MP3 Cutter forms the most unique ringtone cutting app on this list.

  • You can use it to not only cut mp3 files, but also merge different files to form a ringtone.
  • It makes music editing easy, fast and fun.
  • All of these apps can be downloaded on your android device for free. They are easy to use and produce highly efficient results.

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