Zombie Game Apps for Android – Download to save the city from deadly zombies
The city is populated by cruel dead walking on the roads. Zombies are seen in the multiplexes and everywhere else. Sounds fascinating, right!!! Just imagine yourself playing some of the cool zombie games on your android phone. Have a look at some of the best rated zombie game app on the android devices.

1. Zombie Tsunami

Turn the normal living guys on the road into haunted zombies. Bring the zombie tsunami with zombie tsunami!

  • The game has more than 300 missions and is available for free.
  • The game has pretty humor elements to always keep you laughing.
  • Ninja zombies, special power zombies, line backer zombies are some of the other features of the game.

2. Unkilled

The awarded zombie killing game is here for your android phone. Go to play store and download Unkilled for free.

  • Aim to shoot deadly zombies with super cool weapons.
  • New story, new chapters and new locations will every time give you an all new experience.
  • You are sure to enjoy the fight in the backdrop of amazing graphics.

3. Zombie Deathmatch

A game with a totally different style set in the future. You are surely going to love Zombie Deathmatch.

  • The game is set in the year 2036.
  • Requires you to make an amazing zombie fighting team to crush the zombies.
  • Many fascinating weapons to choose from.
  • Show your supremacy in this amazing zombie combat game.

4. Into the Dead

A game very similar in lines of temple run and subway surfer but with a bit of difference. Into the Dead may actually take you among the deads!

  • You are always chased by group of evil zombies. Run to save yourself!
  • Silhouetted designs and images add to the charm of the game.
  • So effectively waste your time in fighting with the zombies.

5. Plants vs Zombies 2

The most popular zombie game in the list. You should definitely try Plants vs Zombies 2 for an ultimate experience.

  • Rated as the best game in 2013 available on Google play store.
  • Grow plants and they will fight to save you against the approaching zombies.
  • The developing team is constantly adding new features to make the game interesting and fresh.

6. Stupid Zombies 3

Very big success in the stupid Zombies series. Download Stupid Zombies 3 for some fun filled zombie experience.

  • The game is heavily motivated by the angry birds and worms game on android.
  • Aim wisely to shoot the zombies coming on your way.
  • Over 120 levels make the game exciting.
  • New addition of content in the game is promised by the developing team.

7. The Walking Dead – No Man’s Land

Having a television show with the same name, The Walking Dead is the most fascinating zombie game available on play store.

  • A very tactical and strategy oriented game with lot of combat actions.
  • Go ahead to develop the crew to fight the zombies.
  • If you liked the program, you must give this game a shot.

So, these are some of the best zombie game in the market. Do not wait to kill the zombies with powerful weapons available in the game. Have fun with all the zombie encounters!

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