Cryptocurrency has been taking the internet by the storm in recent times. People from all over the world are mining for Bit coins and various other currency forms.

These virtual money is actually carrying some actual real value in the world of late. There are many places that are accepting cryptocurrency as payment for the different goodsand services rendered by them. Here are 7 of the best cryptocurrency apps in the android market.

2. bitcoin ticker widget – free app that is not only easiest but also quick


bitcoin ticker widget

This is a free in app that is one of the quickest and easiest solutions to check and keep in order the cryptocurrency needs.

  • You can know the current currency exchange rates from the screen itself
  • It keeps giving regular updates regarding the exchange rates
  • You can set up multiple widgets for different currencies

3. Bitcoinium – alarm feature for currency notification


bitcoinium alarm feature for currency notification

This had a free trial version and you have to pay $2.98 for the full paid version. It is totally worth it!

  • It shows all the latest currency rates of the different currencies
  • You can set an alarm that will inform you when a currency hits a certain price
  • You can set multiple widgets for the different curries you use the most

4. bitcoin wallet – developed by the most trusted companies

bitcoin wallet developed by the most trusted companies

This is again a free application that many cryptocurrency fans swear by. It was formulated by one of the most trusted companies.

  • You can manage your own personal bitcoins through this app
  • You can directly buy and sell bitcoins through this application
  • You can request for Bitcoins from others through their simple interface

5. Cryptocurrency Bot

cryptocurrency bot

This is a very powerful app that is used by people who want to access information about the different cryptocurrencies. It is a free application.

  • You can add widgets right to your lockcreen
  • It takes into account many different currencies and the exchange rates
  • It is very easy to understand and extremely simple to use

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