It is a sad truth that when we think of GPS software downloads for mobiles or computers, we think of Google Maps. It comes highly commended and gets updated frequently, but there are a number of other options for people looking for GPS downloads or GPS freeware.

Check out our top 10 list to find options to download GPS software for Windows and lots more.

1. Topo North America

topo north america gps software

  • This top of the line GPS software comes with options for aerial imagery, NOAA nautical charts and unrivaled GPS capabilities.
  • Newest versions come with features such as improved photo-tagging, tools for fitness monitoring and flyovers.
  • All the latest maps for GPS, terrain and road allow users the luxury of confident planning when it comes to their navigation.
  • Also available are 5 additional DVDs worth of maps for further reference.

2. OziExplorer

oziexplorer gps software

  • The software is compatible with your PC, and works well with Magellan, Lowrance, Eagle, Garmin and other GPS receivers.
  • You can upload and download routes, tracks and waypoints and avail of real time tracking of GPS position with the built-in moving map.
  • From scanned and digital maps, you can create your own maps to work with on your computer screen, allowing you to plan your trips that much more efficiently.

3. ExpertGPS

expertgps software

  • You can convert your own data into maps with this amazing GPS software, which you can use on the job as well as on the trail with two different kinds of functionality.
  • Download a free trial right now, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Waypoints and tracklogs can be viewed from all kinds of handheld GPS receivers, both over US topographic maps and aerial photos.

4. BackCountry Navigator GPS Pro

backcountry navigator gps pro

  • BackCountry is a great option for hikers and campers, and is one of the best independent apps available on the market today.
  • The huge number of offline topographical maps makes it suitable for areas with no data service.
  • Fun features include maps from multiple countries, and map marking options.
  • While the price may seem high, you can give the trial version a shot before making your choice.

5. CoPilot GPS

copilot gps navigation app

  • CoPilot comes highly recommended by users everywhere, thanks to features like turn-by-turn navigation which is voice-guided at all times.
  • It’s not limited to the US: it is actually available in a number of countries all over the world.
  • Enjoyable features include 3D display and lane indicators, as well as a number of free offline maps, a route planner, and directions.
  • The entire package is free for a week, with options to subscribe after that.

6. GPS Essentials

gps essentials

  • Despite the seemingly antiquated interface, this is a solid GPS app, with its best feature possibly being its dashboard, allowing for careful monitoring of speed, distance traveled, ETA and even altitude, among other stats.
  • The HUD is a fairly unique feature and allows users to see their way points.
  • You won’t have to switch to other apps for directions, thanks to the presence of all basic navigation features.
  • This one is definitely meant for the outdoors over driving.

7. GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD

gps navigation be on road

  • Major features include turn-by-turn directions, international operations and access all over the world.
  • The app is entirely free and high on functionality and efficiency.
  • While the app itself is free, users do have to purchase a license and maps separately, including offline map data.
  • Navigation, management of waypoints and dashboard building are among its many features, allowing you to monitor various stats such as bearings, altitude and true speed continuously.

8. HERE Maps


  • HERE Maps, developed by Nokia, has had a huge impact on GPS app users from its launch in 2014 onward.
  • Mapping options all over the world are provided along with an elegant and simple interface which is easy to use.
  • A mobile data connection is not required at all time as you can download a number of maps for offline use.
  • Traffic information, public transit maps and customization options are also available.

9. MapFactor


  • A great alternative to Google Maps, MapFactor downloads and installs the files with maps on them directly to your SD card, allowing for instant offline access at all times.
  • OffStreetMap use allows for data which is supported for countries around the world, with lots of other features that make using the map both enjoyable as well as effective.
  • The app is completely free, as is the map data.

10. MapQuest

mapquest gps navigation

  • MapQuest has been around long before apps, for several years now, and now has a brand new app version along with its older incarnation.
  • Standard turn-by-turn features are available, along with others such as automatic traffic re-routing and live traffic updates, not to mention a handy option to find the cheapest gas stations along your route.
  • Directions are available for both walking and driving.
  • The app is completely free.

11. Waze

wazegps 1

12. Sygic

sygic gps navigation maps 2

13. Scout Gps

scout gps navigation meetup

14. Route 66 Navigate

route 66 navigate

Go off the beaten track, so to speak, if you want to navigate another way with this remarkable number of options, giving you a wide range of choices so that you can make an informed decision.

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