Manufacturers and distributors need to take care of hundreds of products, services, business operations daily. To meet the market’s demand and operate flawlessly, they will need business intelligence software to help them evaluate data and execute quality management effectively. You might be interested in our recommended software, so stay and learn more.

3+ Best Manufacturers & Distributor BI Software

1. icCube



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


2. Halo BI

halo bi


Rating: 4.5/

Price: Custom


3. MITS Distributor Analytics

mits distributor analytics


Rating: 3.8/5

Price: $10000/Year


4. Stratum



Rating: 4.2/5

Price: $19.99/Month


What is Manufacturers and Distributor BI Software?

Manufacturers and distributors have multiple clients waiting for them to deliver their requested products and ingredients. Having hundreds of data on your business operations can be challenging to organize and assess seamlessly. For this reason, experts developed manufacturers and distributor BI (business intelligence) software to help you arrange, manage, evaluate your data leading you to have easy access and improve the data navigation experience. With this software, you can avoid overlooks and lessen work errors. Manufacturers and distributors BI software delivers advanced features and functionalities, allowing you to convert manual tasks to digital operations that are less hassle and provide convenient and cost-effective approaches.   


Acquiring data helps you improve business decisions. However, managing data have complexities that can sometimes give you more problems than solving your current complications. Business intelligence software for your manufacturing processes provides several benefits and advantages to your daily operations. It enables quick and accurate financial reporting, analysis, planning, improves employee satisfaction and data quality. 


Features and functionalities determine the software’s quality. Several platforms that developed business intelligence software present multiple standard features and unique characteristics that you might find helpful or not. On top of that, the software does not have cheap price ranges. it is essential to research their performance and capabilities to choose the best software for your company. That way, you can avoid investing in the wrong ones. Fortunately, some website provides software comparison content while other platforms offer free trials and versions, allowing you to try them out firsthand. Below are features you might need:

Top 4  Manufacturers and Distributors BI Software

1. Halo BI

Halo BI from Visus LLC includes collaboration tools, data aggregation, data analysis, data quality, data visualization, data warehousing, and more. Visus LLC has annual revenue of $19 million and 98 employees.

2. Stratum

Stratum from Silvon Software includes performance metrics, strategic planning, dashboard, visual analytics, and more valuable features. Silvon Software has annual revenue of $3.6 million and 25 employees.

3. icCube

icCube includes ad hoc reporting, predictive analytics, strategic planning, key performance indicators, and more advanced features. icCube has annual revenue of $1.3 million and nine employees.

4. MITS Distributor Analytics

MITS is a complete reporting and analytics platform that assists distributors in making better decisions by extracting insights from their enterprise data. It includes data connectivity, reporting, role-based scorecards, share insights, mobile access, pre-built, and customizable dashboards.


Why is business intelligence advantageous?

As we all know, the professional industry is adapting to digital transformation. Most details now are data, which is then used by the business community to acquire and evaluate with the use of technology, allowing them to have convenient procedures and improved operational efficiency. Business intelligence is a system that helps you arrange and asses data aiding businesses to improve decisions and enhance data navigation processes.

Why are manufacturers important?

For businesses to have their finished products, they need manufacturers to mold and create their products to distribute to the market. Manufacturers are facilities and multiple staff that require ingredients to produce finished products. They play a critical role in the business industry as they are one of the initial stages of a business and ensure top-quality products.

What is business analytics?

The professional industry requires a particular set of numbers to analyze its overall business performance. Business analytics is the acquired data regarding the company’s performance, usually shown in numbers and graphs indicating the strong and weak business results within a certain period. It aids companies in gaining insights and visibilities, leading them to improve business decisions.

Manual data evaluation takes a long time and a lot of effort, which can be frustrating at times. On top of that, manual processes can produce inaccurate results. Given the amplifying business competition, you need business intelligence software to manage and analyze massive data quickly and reliably. With manufacturer and distributor business intelligence software, you can integrate, navigate, understand your business data without a sweat. 

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