In this fast pacing era, people need accuracy, correctness and efficiency in order to prove their endeavours and power to produce maximum through optimum utilization of resources. An alarm clock is supposed to be the most viable and pragmatic tool to calibrate accurate time and measure the total efficiency of the work.

Having a alarm clock software is a must we have compiled the list of leading alarm clock software’s. Here is the list

1. Free Alarm Clock

free alarm clock

If you need alarm clock software for Windows, this is the software you are looking for. Free Alarm Clock supports unlimited number of alarms so that you are not restricted to the number of alarms you can have.

Some additional features

  • Improved some translations of the user interface.
  • It is simple and well designed software
  • It is free of cost

2. Time Left


TimeLeft is a big improvement on the Windows system clock, but it’s more than that; it includes a countdown, stopwatch, alarm clock, timer, and time synchronizer.

Some additional features

  • Version 3.62 updates eBay auction watch, fixes tray clock error in Windows x64
  • Customizable sounds, personal reminders, sticky notes
  • Free to download

3. Say the time

say the time

Say the Time provides a simple tool for managing time and staying on task. Its signature voice alarm system was fun to use, but ultimately it’s not much better than other alarm programs out there.

Some additional features

  • Simple to understand and operate.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate time readings
  • Users can try the trial versions

4. Talking time keeper

talking time keeper

This software alarm clock earns big points for its extensive features and flexibility. Talking Time Keeper lets you schedule alarms, set timers, and check world times.

Some additional features

  • 24-hour clock is supported
  • It is a is a fully featured desktop time package.
  • Simple to use and download
  • Stop watch feature

5. Alarm Clock HD

alarm clock hd

Alarm clock HD is the first powerful and free clock software available for windows

Some additional features

  • It runs on windows 10
  • Choose from the many stunning themes
  • Highly customizable
  • Listen to over 70+ internet radio stations

6. Free Desktop Clock

free desktop clock

7. Cool Timer

cool timer

How to install Alarm clock Software?

Three are plenty of free alarm clock software programs that you can find online if you search for it. These types of programs are designed to mimic the functions of the real alarm clock they can be truly beneficial and effective too. It gives people a perfect chance to measure the time and its proportionality with effect to work done. With different types of alarm clock software available online, one can have unlimited advantages including the reminders of eminent tasks, occasions, dates, events that happen throughout the week or month. All of the above mentioned software is easy and safe to install and use. Follow the instructions given on the link provided and you’re good to go. Look for the download tab on the page and the installation package will thereafter appear.

Which is the best Alarm clock Software?

Alarm clock software can be the best ever medium to know and get reminded about the particular happening, even when you are out of state. It is an alarm clock that is built into your PC or laptop and is comprehensively customizable to your preferences, needs, desires and tastes. If you work on the PC, you can conveniently download as well as install an alarm clock for your satisfaction and need. All of the above alarm clock softwares have advanced features these programs come in handy as a reminder for you throughout the day. You can set up important reminders that alert you to all important appointments. You can set different music for different times. Use the provided list of software and research which of them suits your needs best. The one that fulfills your requirements in the most proficient way is the one to download.

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