Auto Clicker Software download – Give some relaxation to your mouse
If you are into working with the computer maximum of times, then there are a number of specific software and tools that you should surely have. One such tool that you should surely have in your computer system is the auto clicker program.

This helps the clicking of the mouse to be done automatically. It helps in making the working easier. If you are in search of such auto clicker software, then here is a list of 9 best software tools that you can try out.

1. Auto Clicker

auto clicker

This software helps clicking of the mouse left key automatically with the help of keyboard shortcut. The software can offer you various features such as:

  • Various options to control the mouse such as start, stop, interval setting and others,
  • The interval setting can be even done in terms of seconds and milliseconds for exact access.

2. Auto Mouse Clicker

auto mouse clicker

Auto Mouse Clicker offers automatically clicking of the mouse at the configured computer screen. The software has to offer a number of features:

  • Step by step clicking of the mouse,
  • Shortcut keys are supported from the keyboard,
  • Toolbar consists of all the keys for various features,
  • It comes with a big window.

3. GS Auto Clicker

gs auto clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a small tool that allows clicking of the mouse automatically on the screen. Some of the features that the software offers are:

  • Simulating the relentless clicking at a particular point,
  • Programmed clicking offers clicking on the already recoded positions.

4. Cok Free Auto Clicker

cok free auto clicker

Cok Free Auto Clicker is a free tool but offers many of such features that many of the free software does not offer.

Some of such features of the software are:

  • Controlling and imitating both left and right side clicks of the mouse,
  • Learning to operate the software may take you hardly a minute time.

5. Easy Auto Clicker

easy auto clicker

Easy Auto Clicker is one of the commonly downloaded auto clicker software. The main reason for its popularity is its ease of operation. The features that the software offers are:

  • Simple interface that is user friendly,
  • Easily understandable so that you can that operating in a short time.

6. Buxto Auto Clicker

buxto auto clicker

Buxto Auto Clicker is one of the best software in this genre. The software comes with some great features like:

  • The software is not only easy to operate but also is fast,
  • It is free from any kind of bug that may infect your computer.

7. Auto Clicker Extreme

auto clicker extreme

Auto Clicker Extreme is a small tool but offers a huge list of features that can be very helpful for your computer workings. The features that make the software special are:

  • Senses special characters or images on the screen and comes up with actions,
  • It is quite easy so that everyone can operate it.

8. AC Auto Clicker

ac auto clicker

AC Auto Clicker is fully automated software that has to be installed once and then it does all the work on its own. The features of the software are:

  • Clicks automatically on the areas that it senses,
  • Refreshes automatically at an interval of time that has been fed.

9. Speed Auto Clicker

speed auto clicker

This software is used in many professional places for its speed. There are some special features of the software such as:

  • The left, right and center mouse key can be controlled and imitated,
  • It does not need any installation, only downloading can start the operation of the software.

Installing the software

Installation of the auto click software is done in the similar way how other much software is installed. Here, with each software tool, a single link is provided that will take you to the page from where you can download the software. There will be software that will not have any installation option because only downloading them will start the working on your computer. Thus, follow the steps carefully when you are opening the link and trying to get the software on your computer. Also before starting to use the software, understand the features carefully in order to avoid any problem in working.

Important features to look for

Just getting auto click software sometimes is not enough. You need to go for software that is full of some important features. Make sure that the software allows clicking of the left key of the mouse. There are also software that allows clicking of all the keys on the mouse. If you get this software, there cannot be anything best in front of this. Apart from this, check whether you can set the interval of time in seconds or not. This is important because clicking at the wrong timing can of course cause error.

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