Music is where all the people come together. Because of its catchy nature, businesses would often play music in their business establishments which are made possible through business music software that lures their customers in. Here are some of the best business music software available right now.

4+ Business Music Software

1. Soundtrack Business

soundtrack business


Rating: 5/5

Price: $22/month


2. Pandora for Business

pandora for business


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


3. Raydiant



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: FREE


4. Rockbot



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Custom


5. Soundsuit



Rating: 5/5

Price: $24.95/month


What Is Business Music Software?

Business music software is a music software where businesses have full access to a catalog of copyrighted music that is licensed to them for use. This music business software allows businesses to incorporate music as part of their business operations for various reasons, from playing them legally in their physical establishments to adding songs in business-curated playlists as part of their marketing.


Business music software allows businesses to incorporate copyrighted music as part of their business branding. Whether it’s playing the current chart-topping hits to classic hits of the past decades, incorporating them would lure potential customers to interact and engage with the company’s brand. The software also gives businesses full access to copyrighted music that is licensed for them to use for their business, straying away from the generic stock music that may bore their customers and leaning towards activating curiosity from customers by playing familiar music.

Since payment is involved in licensing copyrighted music, music software companies and record labels can earn money from the licensing fees that can help them compensate their artists through royalties. The software also integrates well with popular music streaming services such as Spotify, making the software easy to use for most users. The software can also be used for brand marketing purposes as it can curate playlists with songs that match the company’s branding image, increasing engagement from customers who like the music.


The most important feature of business music software is that it should be able to provide a catalog of copyrighted music that is licensed for use by businesses. The software may access this music catalog through the business music software itself or a partnered third-party streaming service. The software should also be able to connect with physical music equipment such as speakers, Cd players, vinyl records, music mobile, and computer devices, etc. The software should also contain brand management software tools to allow them to integrate copyright music into their brand image through curated playlists that can be played in physical establishments of the business to partnered streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and more through since playlist creator software tools.  The software should also include record label accounting software tools to help determine how much artists and record labels are getting paid for their music being played by businesses.

  • Full access to a catalog of copyrighted music
  • Connect with third-party streaming services and physical music equipment
  • Music brand management tools
  • Playlist curation tools
  • Music royalties accounting tools

Top 5 Business Music Software

1. Soundsuit

Soundsuit allows businesses to create playlists with music that match the nature of the business and the mood of the customers. Soundsuit has around 25 employees and earns a revenue of $5 million.

2. Pandora for Business

Pandora for Business empowers businesses to integrate Pandora’s classic streaming software features into their business operations. Pandora has 2,552 employees and earns annual revenue of $370 million.

3. Soundtrack Business

Soundtrack Business allows businesses to find the perfect background music for their businesses that uses a worldwide music catalog. Soundtrack Your Brand has 100 employees and earns a revenue of $22 million.

4. Raydiant

Raydiant’s employee management software aims to incite work productivity and smooth collaboration that can lighten up the workforce including a business music feature. Raydiant has 45 employees and earns annual revenue of $6.5 million.

5. Rockbot

Rockbot provides companies with a smart media platform software that helps companies control their businesses’ music selections. Rockbot has 34 employees and earns annual revenue of $4.9 million.


Which business industries would benefit from using business music software?

Business industries such as restaurants, bars, supermarkets, fashion stores, and other brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from business music software as businesses can play music that can entertain their customers to stay while shopping. Other businesses can also benefit from the software by sharing curated playlists that best fit the brand image of the company.

Do businesses have to pay for each licensed song individually that they can use through business music software?

Not really. What businesses pay to use copyrighted music as part of their business is a subscription package where they are given access to a catalog of copyrighted music that they can use within a specific time frame, commonly every year.

How much does business music software cost?

Pricing for business music software can range from free to $22 per month or more, with custom pricing available for some software. Pricing for business music software varies depending on the features available and the intended target businesses. Small businesses may benefit from low-cost business music software, while large businesses may benefit from high-cost software.

Thanks to business music software, businesses can incorporate popular hits and classic hits as part of their company’s brand image that will surely engage their customers for entertainment while shopping.

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