Are you stuck with a word you don’t know and you don’t have a dictionary at hand? You should download a dictionary software to solve all your vocabulary problems.

Here is a list of dictionary software download for PC, including dictionary software download for Windows 7, dictionary software download for Windows 8, encyclopedia software download and medical dictionary software download.

1. The Sage English Dictionary and Thesaurus – Free offline dictionary

the sage english dictionary

Add new words to your vocabulary and learn new synonyms using the free Sage offline dictionary.

  • Comprehensive dictionary and complete thesaurus
  • Includes example sentences and phonetic transcriptions for improving pronunciation
  • Tabbed interface – look up multiple words simultaneously
  • Real-time search, anagram search, phonetic search
  • Access Wikipedia and Google
  • Run the software from portable devices like USB flash drives

2. Lingoes – Free dictionary and text-translator

lingoes free dictionary

This is an amazing multi-utility tool that can be downloaded for free!

  • Cross translation over 80 languages
  • Text translation over 34 languages
  • Capture word on screen tool
  • Creative cursor translator – point your cursor to a word on screen, press hotkey and learn the meaning without interrupting your work
  • Learn better pronunciation of words
  • Numerous free dictionaries provided for download

3. LingoPad – A free offline dictionary for Windows

lingopad multilingual dictionary

Download this freeware program and learn several languages for free!

  • German to English, and English to German dictionaries
  • Dictionaries in other languages available via Online Update
  • Import your own dictionaries
  • Search by beginning, middle or ending of a word
  • Wordlist editor
  • List of latest searched words
  • Phonetic transcription of words for better pronunciation
  • Direct links to Wikipedia and search engines

4. Dictionary.NET – Free desktop dictionary

dictionary net

Powered by Google Translator, Dictionary.NET is an easy to use tool for your desktop.

  • Support for multiple languages, in any combination
  • Can be opened automatically with keyboard or mouse shortcuts
  • Easily translate text by selecting it with your mouse
  • Does not require installation – runs in the background
  • Con – automatic language detection does not work smoothly
  • 100% free – no registration required

5. GoldenDict – Dictionary lookup program

goldendict dictionary

A free dictionary lookup program, GoldenDict is extremely useful and rich in features.

  • Support for multiple dictionary file formats
  • Support for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and other MediaWiki-based sites
  • Tabbed browsing in modern Qt 4 interface
  • Works in Linux and Windows and portable to others
  • Mobile version available for Android phones
  • Support for global hotkeys
  • Supports looking and listening to pronunciations from

6. Aard Dictionary – Free offline dictionary

aard dictionary

This free offline dictionary and thesaurus program is sure to enrich your vocabulary.

  • Available on desktop and Android phones
  • Multiple dictionaries for multiple languages
  • Look up foreign words
  • Add up to 50 dictionaries in the database
  • Fast word lookup
  • View history of searched words
  • Numerous keyboard shortcuts
  • Full Wikipedia articles displayed – save them as HTML documents in your local hard drive

7. Ultimate Dictionary – Free dictionary program for Windows

ultimate dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary is an easy to use program with a minimalist interface, that is sure to be handy when looking up word meanings.

  • Huge collection of 61 dictionaries – hence file size is big
  • Special scan mode – translate words under the mouse cursor
  • Look for a word in more than 30 dictionaries simultaneously straight from the desktop
  • Con – you cannot add new dictionaries

8. Word Web – Windows Dictionary and Thesaurus

word web windows dictionary

This one-click offline dictionary and thesaurus will become your favorite way to look up new words.

  • Each word is shown with synonyms, antonyms, meronyms, hypernyms and holonyms
  • Keyboard shortcut to look up any word anywhere in your computer
  • Access to online reference pages like Wikipedia, Wiktionary and WordWeb Online
  • History of words searched
  • Copy results of a word search
  • 5000 audio pronunciations

9. Pocket Oxford English Dictionary – Pocket PC version of the widely used dictionary

pocket oxford english dictionary1

This Pocket PC versions of the 9th edition of Oxford English Dictionary is an essential tool for everyone.

  • Up-to-date with latest new additions to the English vocabulary
  • Pronunciation feature for clear speech
  • User friendly interface with clear and approachable design
  • Examples illustrating idiomatic usage
  • In-text notes provide guidance regarding grammar and usage
  • Free trial version

10. Merriam Webster Dictionary – Android App

dictionary merriam webster

This free app version of the Merriam Webster is an essential for your Android app list.

  • Voice search enabled – for words you don’t know how to spell
  • Free app, supported by ads
  • Synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations provided
  • No internet connection needed for looking up definitions or the thesaurus
  • Create a favorites list
  • History – keep track of words searched

All of these free dictionary and thesaurus downloads are extremely useful tools for referencing, learning new words and increasing your vocabulary.

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