DJ mixing software is music software that offers the functionality to seamlessly blend various songs together. The software allows for transition from one favorite song track to another so that there is never a pause in the music.

The software is a good option for both beginners as well as professional DJs for introducing unique DJ programs to the world of mixing.

1. Mixxx


Free Download

  • A complete DJ two-deck mixing turntable software that comes with integrated package to blend, record, re-loop and sync any music like for rolling at a club, house party, radio or shoutcast broadcasting etc.
  • The best DJ mixing software free download supports iTunes Integration that allows all your songs and playlist to automatically get started to roll-on in your live DJ performance.
  • One of the most popular software is an open source that allows anyone to remix songs on it and can also create additional features over it.
  • MP3, adjustable EQ shelves, Wav, OGG, M4A/AAC, Flac file formats, timecode vinyl control are well supported.
  • Is equipped with more than 85 MIDI DJ and some HID controllers.

2. Zulu DJ Software

zulu dj software

Free Download

  • A small music mixing software with less than 1 MB of setup file size.
  • Multi-operative software that functions on and you can also use it in Mac, Kindle OS and Android.
  • The free version of this software easily manage DJ music recording as well as tackle track speed.
  • It is available with two deck music mixing decks and supports popular audio file formats like MP3, M4A/WAV etc.
  • The paid version comes with more useful features.



Free Download

  • One of the most useful mixing software that features to manage song track speed, turntable, Sync, record, re-loop, etc.
  • Impose effects like Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Backspin, etc.
  • MP3, Flac, OGG to save the recording and popular audio files are well supported.
  • This DJ mixing software for pc can be maximizing up to full screen.

4. Blaze



  • A skillful beat mixing software that has the ability to play songs with two decks and instantly record them.
  • Gives substantial effects like Gater, Phaser, Distortion, Delay etc.
  • Automatically saves re-mix history and offers other features of sync, reloop, record, cues etc.
  • Full screen interface is available

5. Cross DJ Free

cross dj free

Free Download

  • A standardized freeware disc jockey that is available with multilingual user-interface like Espanol, French, German, and Italiano
  • Supports two deck mixing and most useful audio file formats.
  • This disc jockey mixer can be used on Mac OS and can make to operate on full screen mode
  • The software can be used as a video DJ and has and comes with file drag-n-drop feature too.
  • This software in not only about blending songs with one another but you should opt for the one that offers wholesome of features like helping with conversion, video files support, importing audio files and enhancing sound quality.

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