The internet, if you think of it, is just a matrix of trillions of binary data. It is incredible that we can access them in a tangible form, let alone share them. USB transfer and Bluetooth are great options for transferring files, but what happens if the person you want to share it with isn’t within a few meters of you? Bluetooth and email, after all, has its limitations.

How would you share your image rich files with your boss, the travel book publisher on 5th, or that web gallery interested in your art? These top apps cover everything from close-range transfers over the same Wi-Fi network, to cloud networking with people halfway across the globe.

1. Drop Box – Keep your Files safe, Synced and Easy to Share

dropbox free downlaod2

DropBox is a great cloud storage platform. It is not particularly feature-rich expanse, but it makes up for it in terms of ease of use.

  • It has (upgradeable) 2GB initial onboard storage.
  • Features include regular updates for app stability, sync settings and detailed “Event” history to keep files safe and secure.
  • It is available on iOS and Google PlayStore, making it a multipurpose app.

2. SugarSync – Backup and Access your files

sugar sync

One of the best apps for cloud-syncing, sharing and online backup options on any platform, SugarSync ranks high in the list of productivity apps. It comes with a 30day trial beyond which there’s a minimal monthly fee.

  • Best used in a business environment, it lets an entire team sync data, upload revisions and share resources.
  • It supports PC, MAC, iOS and Android for better access.
  • It has secure sharing options offering multi-layered access (Public/Restricted modes) and remote wiping.

3. HighTail – Professional Way to share files

hightail download

In the business of cloud sharing since 2004, HighTail has significant expertise in this genre. Expertise comes at a price, but it’s worth it.

  • Available in Outlook, PC, MAC, iOS and Android editions, the app makes it easy to sync and share data wherever you might be.
  • Migrating files from one platform to another and secure sharing are some other features.
  • It has SharePoint integration to boost work without hampering workflow.

4. 4Shared – Upload, Access, Share files

4shared download

The website has existed for a long time, but now it’s got additional app support. The feature rich 4Shared app enables the following:

  • Access to over 3 million files on the shared network. The public search feature is particularly useful.
  • The app provides fast access to documents, photographs, media files of all kinds without the hassle of using a laptop.
  • Files can be shared instantly from within the app.

5. SendAnywhere – Free & Unlimited storage

sendanywhere download

If security protocols are of key concern to you, consider the SendAnywhere The app offers abundant ease and simplicity for sharing files, irrespective of time and location.

  • Available on five different platforms.
  • It’s completely free.
  • No registration processes involved.
  • Safer than usual FTP services, since it operates in a ranged network where there’s no third party involved.
  • Self-destructs files in ten minutes, for greater security.

6. MediaFire – Supports over 200 file formats

mediafire download1

Compatible with iOS 7 and up, as well as Android 2.2 and above, MediaFire ensures mobile portability and ease of access for all your uploaded files.

  • Features include backup, automatic updates and more.
  • Easy “Share to” option from within the platform.
  • Useful for sharing links through Twitter, email, Facebook, and even SMS.
  • 12GB of free storage on signup, expandable to 50GB.

7.   Box – Trusted, Secure and Collaborative

box download free

Especially built for businesses, Box caters to the needs and demands of its growing audience.

  • Comes with a free trial.
  • Ease of access; choose who has access to what files.
  • Permission categories include granular permissions from 7 categories, based on a need-to-know policy.
  • File activity alerts provide better tracking opportunities.
  • Real-time user activity reports, admin box control features for better control.

8. Superbeam – Increase maximum Transfer rates

super beam download

  • It’s useful for personal file sharing between two devices, within a certain range.
  • Uses QR codes, Wi-Fi direct or NFC for super-fast exchange of data between mobile devices.
  • There’s also a web interface for app-free operations.

9. ReaddleDocs – A Perfect document Viewer and Media Player

documents by readdle

The developers of this particular tool must have set out with quite different aims, but to our benefit they landed up with something like this. The all-new Document 5 comes with a variety of functions:

  • Supports numerous cloud services, including DropBox, etc.
  • Available in the form of a free download for iOS especially.
  • Has highlight, edit and strike-out features for better PDF management.

10. GoAruna Files – Send, Access, Store and Manage your files

aruna file

Media-streaming capabilities, free 2GB storage (with upgradeable, graded scale of pricing) and file sharing – sounds rather like DropBox, right? But GoAruna offers more versatility.

  • Its internal file manager helps effortlessly access phone files.
  • Works with email and anytime access.
  • Works on various phone and computer platforms.
  • Even has fast and easy social media integration (Facebook, Twitter).

There are simply no alternatives to these apps. Working on a variety of platforms, they have something different to offer, and for everyone. The ease of use, reliability, steady build of the app, and support from developers: all of these contribute to better productivity.

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