Unlike other cellular phones smartphones have the fastest internet, most of them today use the 3G networks. Most people have gotten used to the first internet and still wish that their cellphones internet was a bit faster, with that developers from different regions of the world have brought that wish to existence with help of applications. Here below we have reviewed some of the best internet applications that are available in Google play store.

1. Internet Booster & Optimizer

internet booster optimizer

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This an application with built in commands that prioritizes the browser and other applications that uses the internet. With such an app one can get a faster data connection than one without such an app. The app works under the secondary apps and has capability to clear the ram and cache memory. The app also flashes the DNS to ensure that the most of the internet speed is used by the browser only than than being shared by other apps.

2. Internet Speed Master

internet speed master

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Internet Speed Master is another super awesome app that works in both rooted and non-rooted phones. Special scripts are used to design the application to make sure that the internet speed available is only used for surfing the web other than doing other things. If you are looking for a convenient way of getting more speed from 3G and 4G cellular network then Internet Speed Master is the right app for you.

3. Internet Speed Booster

internet speed booster

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This is simple and easy to use app with a sleek and minimal design. With a single tap on the app’s icon, the app uses the unique algorithm that allows you to the best speed available provided by your ISP. The app works with booth rooted and non-rooted phones. The app is small in size and does not consume lots of you device storage space.

4. Free Internet Speed Booster

free internet speed booster

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Free Internet Speed Booster is another must have application. The app can help you to maximize your speed up to 140% to 180%. Free internet speed booster improves the ping latency faltering all the background process running leading to slow speeds. The application does not require rooted devices.

5. 3G Speed Booster

3g speed booster

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3G Speed Booster internet speed booster is a small sized app that allows users to enjoy high internet speeds as they are provided by the ISP. It freezes the background running apps that consumes internet bandwidth. 3G speed booster first scans all the running making you enjoy full speed internet connections. This app can only work efficiently with 3G networks only.
It’s your turn now to choose the best app that works right for you.

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