The right type of karaoke software tool can perform not only basic tasks like playing the track, displaying lyrics, but also effectively carries out the editing part. These software tools are great stress busters for those who try out their singing skills. There are many karaoke software free download options available through different sites. We will be discussing about some of these effective tools while highlighting their features.

1. CompuHost

compuhost 1

Perfectly apt for Windows based computers, these tools easily manage several karaoke tracks from the library. It has the reputation of being one of the most feature-packed karaoke solutions for Windows and Mac.


  • Detailed song list
  • Polished effects
  • Disc burning option
  • Easy key changing

It is available free to try. Post-trial period, you need to pay $179.95 to purchase the license.

2. KaraFun Player


KaraFun is free to download that promises compatibility with wide range of file formats like CDG, LRC, KFN, KOK, and KAR to name a few. Multi-screen display is possible with these sorts of software tools. The presence of clean and simple interface allows for easy playback and accessibility.


  • Detailed key to song listing
  • Menu button option to reduce or alter track playing speed
  • High clarity on vocalization
  • Online karaoke library

3. Vocal Remover

vocal remover

Vocal Remover has the ability to remove vocals from any song, irrespective of the file extension. These vocal remover software solutions support extensions like .mp3, .ogg, .ac3, .m4a, and .wma.


  • Best in class waveform sound inversion software technology
  • Auto reduction of echo and reverb effect
  • Saving and burning to new disc
  • Export and import of .ogg, .wma, .m4a, and .ac3 files

4. Siglos Karaoke Professional

siglos karkore

One of the better Karaoke tools for professionals, Siglos has been developed for karaoke hosts, professional musicians and singers. Detailed settings ensure that the best karaoke effects can be achieved along with perfect music editing.


  • Song silence detector
  • Tempo changer
  • Playing directly from YouTube
  • Playlist view

5. VanBasco’s Karaoke Player

vanbasco karkore

Karaoke players from VanBasco can play both standard MIDI files as well Karaoke files. They are available for free and can easily adjust the volume and tempo.


  • Fully customizable window
  • Play or mute solo individual instruments
  • Easy navigation
  • Simple interface

6. Waloke


Easy and fun to use, Walaoke is free to download. Waloke karaoke software free download full version is probably one of the widest downloaded karaoke tools available. It can play any and every music format without any kind of lag.


  • Support for numeric system
  • Any video can be used for background
  • Different color lyrics

7. Karaoke 5


Karaoke 5 is a multi-featured karaoke converter tool. It comes with features like syllabication, mixer bench, and synchronization options.


  • Support for multiple languages
  • Easy and fast conversion job
  • Double Screen TV
  • Wide format support

There is lots of karaoke software for laptop available to make a pick. However, not all offer the best of features. Also, how easily the software tool can be handled is what makes sense. The above mentioned options are easy to use and extremely effective in the long run.

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