A logo is a graphical representation of a company or an organization. It helps people recognize a company even without reading the name of the company. A logo is as important as the company name.

Having a professionally designed logo with the right tools can attract more and more people and this will in translate to increased sales and your brand becoming a household name. On this post, we have reviewed some of the best logo design tools or software which you can use to create best logos for your company website, letter heads and other places.

1. Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator 1

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best and most popular vector graphics editing software. The software is built with hundreds of tools to ensure that the whole process of graphics editing is simple.

Some Additional Features

  • Has a pixel grid tool feature which makes it possible for starters to align easily objects
  • Has a gradient coloring feature
  • Intuitive user interface

2. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop 3

This is one of the most advanced photo creating and editing software that can also be used to design logos. It can perform all photography-related tasks. It has thousands of tools and tutorials to help you use the tools.

Some additional features

  • Its brushes are built to produce realistic physics effects
  • Professional 3D object editing
  • Produces finest results as possible

3. Rebelle

rebelle 1

Rebelle is a great software for artists who love painting using the watercolors, although it’s hard to do a digital painting using watercolors the software makes it more possible.

Some additional features

  • Comes bundles with vast of brushes
  • You can customize brushes and canvas
  • Airbrush, pencil, and stencils seem more real on this software.

4. Jeta Logo Designer

jeta logo designer

5. Logo Maker

logo maker

6. Logo Garden

logo garden

7. Logo Genie

logo genie

How to choose the best Software for artists

Choosing the best software to design your logo relies on a number of factors. If these factors are not considered, you will end up with the software that you never wished for. These factors include your need for a particular software. For example, if you are looking for software that will just help you create logos you can pick any of them in them market. If you are looking for software that will create a logo for your website, you need specific software to do that.
Are you willing to pay for software or not, the other factor is the availability of your platform some software are not supported in OS X platform and the features of the software the brushes and the performance of the software? For logo design software, the software with the brushes can be classified as one of the best.

How to install any of the Logo Design software

If you want to install a particular software on your computer you are required to check on the system requirements of the software and then compare them you system specs. Here we have prepared a general guideline to install interior Design software into your computer.
Make sure that you machines meet the software system requirement.
Read the manual that comes bundled with the software (read the me.txt file).
Whenever installing a big software, it’s advisable to close all running process to avoid disruptions and losing data.
After the installation process is complete, some software prompts you to reboot the computer, do it.

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